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Congratulations to Farmer's Insurance (Coaches Snyder and Callaghan) from the Orange charter for winning a tightly contested Major League World Series against Dent Magic (Coach Merritt) from the Liberty charter!

Check out the End-of-Season Tournament Bracket for details on all other tournament games. 

Click CALENDAR to see all games by month or click SCHEDULE to see a list of the most recent and upcoming games. To print just your team's schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Teams" on the left menu
  2. Click the link for your team
  3. Once at your team page, click "Schedules" on the left menu
  4. Click the "+Printable Schedule" link in the upper-right corner

Click STANDINGS to see final standings. From there, you can see individual game scores by clicking on the team name link within the standings.


A coach from the WINNING team must use the Game Scoring link to submit the official game score.


Listed below are important safety-related forms. The first is a Pitch Log for keeping track of the pitch count for pitchers. The second form is a Pitcher Eligibility Form, which is to be completed at the end of a game and then exchanged with the opposing team prior to the next game. The last one is an Injury Report form.

Wednesday, June 20
2012 Major League Tournament