Old Orchard Beach Little League: OOB Little League Divisions

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This program is developed for young players and those just learning basic fundamentals, it is a childs introduction to baseball. Rather than the ball being pitched to the batter, the ball is hit from and adjustable batting stand or "tee". Recommended league ages for this division are 5,6,7 (and / or 8 depending on the player's ability). This level is strickly learning based and noncompetitive. It's focus is fundamentals in baseball. Generaly a player can expect to attend a practice and 2 games per week. Games run 2 innings through the batting order and no outs. (Estimated time 1 hour).

Coach Pitch Baseball
This program is also developed for young players ages 7 & 8, it is the next step from T-ball. It is required that any player moving into this division have completed at least 1 year of T-ball. During games the ball is pitched to the batter by a coach and each batter is allowed 5 strikes. Each team runs through the batting order, but no score is kept. This is a noncompetitive division and the focus at Coach Pitch is to instruct learning of positions in baseball, fielding, batting stance and strategies. A Coach Pitch player can expect 1 - 2 practices and 2 games per week.

Minor League Baseball
Minor League is a player's transition into the real game of baseball. Players ages are from 8 - 12, and must have completed at least 1 year of Coach Pitch. Attending TRYOUTS is mandatory. Minor League players are drafted by team Managers. The rules of baseball are in effect, and at this level the games are semi-competitive and the score is kept. A player pitches the ball and a minimum of 4 innings need to be played per game. The focus of this division is to understand the structure of the game and strategies (such as bunting and stealing) while still working the fundamentals. A player in this division can expect 1 - 2 practices and 2 games per week.

Major League Baseball
Major League is a competitive division of baseball. At this level the player is drafted / selected by a team Manager. Any player League Age 9 - 12 is eligible for drafts (league age 9 can be withheld from draft procedures at parents request - see league age 9 form). Attending TRYOUTS is mandatory for all players eligible for Major League drafts. A player that participated on a Major League team the previous year will stay with that team unless he / she is now league age 13, in which that player would move into the Junior League Division. At Major League level the games are fast paced and all the players need to display clear knowledge of the game. Starting a player in this division who is not ready can be dangerous to the player, therefore we require a certain skill level that ensures a players saftey. All players drafted into this division are required to tryout.


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