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Monday, September 29
Can the 6th grade boys do it again in 2008-09 Season?
Baseball may be over in NY but fall means one thing. Basketball is around the corner. Last year the 5th grade boys came within a few point of becoming the B league champions . Inspired play on Saturday got the team to the finals. This year is a new beginning and coaches Mark and John hope that the team is up for the challenge. "It looks pretty promising quoted Coach Mark as the entire team is back to play". The winning is important but teaching the skills and sportsmanship are the main reason we play the game..... Good luck Blue lightning.!

The 2009-10Basketball season Kick off
The 2009 basketball season starts with our first practice  at the gym next week. The season will start in early November. We will have the schedules by the middle of October. If you have any questions call me at 646 879-5791

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