Olathe South Falcons: FAQ & New Player Info

Hello and Welcome to the Kicker’s Klub information page.  


First off, the Klub would like to give you the email address of our President, Adam Pentola, so that you may get on our contact list.  Your email will be kept ONLY by the Board and not supplied to the rest of the Klub in the interest of keeping your computers safe and spam free.  Our President uses the list to inform us of anything that you needs to be notified about or any upcoming events.  Our President is your first contact if you have any questions, complaints, or comments.  Later when the teams are established, the primary contact will be your team parent.  When the team is selected for the season, everyone is given a contact list with phone numbers and addresses, should they need to contact other team members for rides, etc.

This page is meant to be as informative as possible to any new or current Klub members.  Unfortunately, it could be a very long read.

Player related Information:   (for parent information scroll further)

How can my son start getting to know the other Olathe South Players?

The boys have several scrimmages/practices/training events and 5v5 games that they have the opportunity to participate in throughout the summer.  The coach gives an informational meeting to the boys towards the end of the school year.  Plus, the coach leaves several informational papers in the main office at Olathe South for any who miss this meeting or lose their information.  The handout information is also attached at the bottom of the page.

For the summer, the boys can form their own 5v5 teams (ran by Aquinas) that play against other teams every Sunday and Wednesday night in June (see our 5v5 page).  In July, the boys start scrimmage get togethers.  They usually start around 6pm and go until 8pm on Tuesday & Thursday.  This is when the coaches can swing by and meet the boys and get a feel for how they play.  Anyone "South" related is welcome to come to these scrimmages, including the girls that will be playing at Olathe South.  Olathe South's soccer camp is the last week of July (usually around 6-8pm).  The Seniors set up several runs and training times in the first week of August (usually in the a.m.).  Blue Valley has a soccer camp the 2nd week of August that the boys can attend (usually 4 to 7pm).  It is to your benefit to try to attend as much of these as you can.  Fitness is the main key in the decision as to which team you make at tryouts.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts are the Monday through Friday of the first week of school.  They are usually from 3:30pm to 7pm and all players must attend each tryout.  This tryout is for boys entering the 9th to 12th grade, who plan to attend South.

Do the boys need a physical?

The boys MUST have a physical signed by a physician and filed in the office, by tryout time.  Physicals must be done annually and must be dated after school is finished for that year.  Physical forms are located in the Jr High and High School offices.  Absolutely no exceptions - no physical, no tryout.

When are Practices?

Practice times may vary, based on the coaches' desires. Typically, the Freshman/Sophomore team will practice M-F 3:30 to 5 pm at a nearby field (unknown at this time). 
The JV and Varsity will usually practice M-F from 3:30 to 6 pm or so, at OSHS and on some Saturday mornings at 8 am at OSHS.  (locations and times may vary)

How do 9th Grade boys get to practice?

Buses pick up the 9th grade boys after school at the Jr Highs and deliver them to their practice location.  The boys will need to get their own rides to tryouts during that first week since school is not yet in full swing.  The parents have been responsible for picking them up from the practice site afterwards.  This is subject to change also.

Are there any practice cancellations due to rain or unforeseen circumstances?

The coaches rarely ever cancel practice and will usually practice in all weather conditions with the exception of lightning.  In case of lightning, players need to listen to the announcements at their specific school to find out where the teams will be meeting should they need to practice indoors.

Players must always be ready to practice indoors by having their indoor gear with them.  Also, players must always have indoor practice gear available with them on game days, because many times when games are postponed, they will still practice.

The Klub will do our best to keep the Olathe South Soccer Website up to date on all events, and  will try to keep everyone informed as to what is going on, so please remember to check out: www.olathesouthsoccer.com often.

Once a player is on a team, can he be moved up or down?

There is always a chance to move up, based on the team's needs or the player's demonstration of abilities.  A boy could be chosen to play on two teams  in order to get more playing time and experience.  There is also the outside chance that the coach could choose to move them down to a more fitting slot on the next team.  Work hard, maintain a great attitude, and do your best at all times.  Remember that the coaches are always watching your performance.

Our game Programs may not show these changes as these are printed at the very beginning of the season.  Changes are made to the printed rosters only if the Klub needs to order more for the gamesThe website will be kept up to date on which player is on what team and their current number.

What are the boys' requirements as far as fundraising/community service?

Each year in the past, the boys have been required to work at the Car Wash.  The boy’s are assigned times to work and parents are needed during this time to supervise and assist.  This fundraiser could change should we find something that has the potential to make more money for the Teams.

The boys are also required to work the Jared Coones Run as their community service project.   Their jobs are to stand at various assigned places along the run route and direct traffic and cheer people on.  They meet for pizza with those in charge of the event on an evening the week before and get their location assignments and T-shirts.  The following Saturday, they report at 6 am to Blackbob School for donuts and get taken to their assigned locations.   Parents are needed to help supervise the boys.   This event is usually finished quite quickly.  The run itself starts at 8, with the boys usually home by 10 at the latest.  More information on this run is located at http://www.pumpkinwalk.org

What behavior is expected from the boys?

This will be addressed by the coach at the beginning of the season.

Is there a team trainer?

As of November 2005 it was:
Dennis Dolan, LAT, ATC
            Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer
            (816) 840-3695 Pager – please feel free to contact any time
                            School Hours:
                            11:00 – 1:00   Available to Jr. High or at the High School
                              1:00 – 5:00     In the High School
                  After 5:00, Athletic trainers are at practice or game coverage per schedule.

Parent-related information

When does the Booster Klub meet?

Our  parents' club is known as the Kicker's Klub.  The first official Klub meeting is usually the following week after Tryouts.  This is a very important informational team/Klub meeting.  The boys that make the teams are required to attend.  The boys will work on their profiles for the programs, and receive important handouts and information.  This is also the time for the parents to meet the coaches, find out their expectations, sign up for fundraisers and team dinners, and order socks and warm-up shirts.  This is a great time to get to know the other parents on your son's team.
The Klub then meets a couple of times before the end of the year.  Meetings depend on the Klub needs, if nothing is needed in the off season, then the board will meet on their own to keep things up to date.

Are there Klub dues?

Klub dues usually pay for a warm up shirt and two pairs of socks plus membership with the club.  The amount varies yearly but will probably be no more than $50.  This money is requested to be paid at the meeting in order to get the Tshirts on order asap.

Are there elected positions within our Klub?

At this time our president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are elected.  The board also has three positions for the three elected (or drafted) team parents.
Different teams handle this in different ways, so the way the board is chosen could possibly change in the future depending on volunteers and the coaches' needs.

What is the Team Parent's job?

The team parent is a contact person for members of the team and parents to call should they have any questions about their specific team.  The key for the team parent is to "delegate" if needed.  The team parent gets the job of making sure that the volunteer positions for each team are filled (seldom is there a need, but usually if people are asked, they will step up).  This parent is also the one that collects the fund raising moneys for their team for the Point Person.  Each team parent is in charge of making sure that the banner is put up for the C and JV/Varsity games.  The C team parent also makes sure there is someone to run the scoreboard.

What are the various jobs that the Klub needs for each parent to step up and take part in? 

Concession stands at the JV & Varsity games.  In order to see our sons play, we have it set up so that the Varsity parents work the stands during the JV game and the JV/C-team parents work during the Varsity games.  We request that each parent please sign up to work at least one time.  The profit from the concessions goes to the Kicker’s Klub.  Unfortunately there are no concessions at the C team games on Olathe South fields.
Team Snacks - These are needed before for each and every game.  Suggestions: Bottled water, Gatorade, Sunny Delight, Capri Sun or non-carbonated drink, Granola bars, fresh fruit . . .. Anything healthy!  Bring enough for the entire team, coach, and ball boys (remember for JV/V there may be an additional player or two).   Bring a trash bag, and make arrangements to have them stored during school day or deliver them to the bus prior to departure time – the Olathe South office will not be responsible for these items.
Team Dinners - Team dinners are held the night before some of the games.  Dinners are held immediately after practice at about 5:15 p.m. at someone's home.  Parent volunteer(s) will need to provide enough food for all of the players and coaches of their team (remember for JV/V there may be an additional player or two).  A main course, salad, bread, drink, plates, cups, napkins and silverware must be provided.  C team and JV usually have 3 or 4 team dinners.  Varsity has many team dinners, so as many parents as can possibly take part in this, the less cost it is to any individuals.  This is an incredibly bonding get-together for the teams, which in turn helps with their performance.  If you cannot host a team dinner, please consider co-hosting with other parents.
Video Tape (applies to Varsity) - we ask that each family volunteer to film one game (camera provided) so that everyone gets to watch their son play and one person is not tied up at of all the games operating the camera.

What jobs are strictly voluntary but desperately needed?

At least one person toVideo tape each of the 3 teams.  New this year:  The varsity requests that each varsity parent try to sign up for a game so that all may enjoy a chance to watch their boy play, (filming does not need to be perfect).  It is really nice when the coach and boys are able to review their performances from each game at the team dinners, or at team get-togethers, and to add to the memoirs at the end of the season.
Photographer (per team, doesn't have to be professional) Photograph games from above and on the field.  Please submit some favorites to website coordinator for display.  Digital Cameras work best for this, due to film costs.  Keeps groups of photos from each of the games for the memory books and DVD's.
Varsity Media Coordinator:  Saves all newspaper clippings for banquet display.  Contacts the Daily News and KC Star with results and outstanding plays.
Trophy Case (per team) Olathe South has a display case for each of the 3 teams.  This can contain photos, trophies, clippings, and anything of interest.  Any creativity is always welcome.
Memory Book (per team) Varsity Coordinator will hopefully be able to collect all forms of media and make it into some sort of CD or DVD for the Boys (computer space will be needed).  JV/C team is optional but the boys like them.  Varsity's envelope usually consists of their letter, team photos, videos, and a team booklet. C team and JV usually consist of an envelope with photos and/or videos.    This is basic and not set in stone. 
Banquet (each team) One or two people usually head up this committee operating as lead; reserving the room, getting the caterer, decorations, senior items, planning, etc.  Others from each team are needed to assist and set up/clean up. 
Senior Gifts - Selects something special for their last banquet.
Senior Banner - Designs or arranges for a banner to be designed representing our current seniors and their numbers.
Senior Night - Assistance needed for Gifts, Announcing, Signs, and Photographs.
Home Opener - Plan the food, supplies, arrange for volunteers and grills.   This is a fundraiser like concessions.  (Subject to change based on Board's decision)
Watermelon Feed  arranges for enough watermelons for all of the players to eat after tryouts on Friday and arranges for volunteers to cut them up.
JV Tournament Tailgate  A person or two to a restaurant nearby to pickup a meal for between games on Saturday.  Arranges for water for between games.
Website Coordinator    Post information as needed.  Put up recent clippings and photos. 
V/JV Announcer   This job can be several people.  We definitely need a Varsity announcer.  Will need to announce the line ups, goals, corners, throwins, etc.  This is a warm job when the weather gets cold!  Need not be professional.  Using a spotter also helps in calling the plays.
C Scoreboard  C team has a wireless scoreboard that needs someone to operate the time and scores.
Spirit Wear Coordinator and/or Committee   Order and sell spirit wear at school and other events.
Varsity Ball boys or girls!!!- This is a very important and desperately needed job.  Arrange for ball boys/girls to attend our Varsity games and keep a ball on the sidelines.  Ball boys/girls are also welcome for the other team games.  These boys/girls can be provided from other teams, individuals, or organized groups.  It is preferred that they know something about soccer in order to quickly provide the balls for throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks.
Team badges    Take the individual photos of the boys that were taken on uniform day, along with their names and numbers and make them into ID badges for each of the parents on the team.  This is so that the parents can know what boy belongs to what parent and basically to brag.
Cookie Dough    Pass out forms at meeting and collect forms and money on due date.  Pass out food when the shipment comes in.  This is a point person, others are needed to assist in passing out food at the drop off point.
Car Wash    Set up a location, supplies, and a schedule for the boys and parents.  Others are needed to wash cars and keep track of money and the boys.
Jared Coones Run    Work with Pumpkin run coordinators to set up locations and a schedule for the boys and volunteers.
Other jobs may crop up based on need.  Ideas are always welcome.

What committees still need a chairperson?

For a complete and hopefully up to date list, email me at mistree@comcast.net

When can I sign up to assist with these jobs?

The week after tryouts is an informational meeting where there will be several signup sheets passed around to the different team groups.  Please bring your planners and calendars to this meeting and sign up as these jobs help to ensure that your son has an enjoyable season.

Where should the Team Supporters sit during the games?

On Olathe South's Team Bench half of the field please.

What behaviors are expected from the parents?
Please model positive sportsmanship in the stands.  We want our reputation to be one of high standards and class.  Remember, referees are human too.  As a former referee myself, I can verify that they occasionally make mistakes, but they also remember.  I have known referees to hold grudges against specific teams.  Lets not upset a referee over a little call that might come back to hurt us in a BIGGER game later in the season.

I realize that my coaching decisions may not always be agreed with.  I also know that each of you only want what is best for your sons.  I want to be a coach that is approachable; however, sometimes the time immediately following a game is not an appropriate time to discuss issues that may have occurred in that game.  Therefore, I will impose a 24-hour period after all games that I will be unavailable to discuss such situations.  This time is intended to serve as a buffer for you to communicate with your son and get all information before approaching me.  This cooperation on your part will be greatly appreciated.

We expect parents to take an active role in your sons playing career at Olathe South.  Any support, or volunteer activities, will be greatly appreciated by your sons, my staff and me.

Thank you,

Coach Stos