SLSC Cosmos: Staff

SLSC Academy Program

The SLSC Academy Program allows players in the U9 and U10 age groups to be exposed to a professional coaching staff and practice and play with children of like ability. This program will help bridge the gap from recreational to competitive soccer. The SLSC Academy focuses on the development of each player. This is primarily done through focusing on technical skills, fast footwork, and overall ball mastery. The players will not only gain knowledge of the game in regards to positions and responsibilities, but also have opportunities to try new things and develop while gaining an understanding for the "big picture". These players will be in an environment where stress is eliminated. Players will learn from mistakes and failure and learn lessons that can be carried off the field as well as on. Skill development will be a high priority while making sure players are having fun and developing a passion for this great sport. Our focus is on long term development rather than tomorrow’s victories. Activities will be "age appropriate" which is critical in the developmental process. This opportunity allows players to be exposed to a very professional coaching staff who have played the game and can "paint the picture" by demonstrating good technique. This is very important. Young players learn best when they can see the proper execution of skills while they master them.


Spring 2008 Academy Coaching Staff

 99 Boys  
 Steve Hill

 Brent Gatewood 

 Jackie Sing

 99 Girls  
 Jon Baker

 Kim Hawkins

 98 Boys  
 Andrew Rundell

 Joeseph Alvarez  
 David Brunette

 98 Girls  
 George Schroeder