Oklahoma Nemesis: Welcome

Thursday, January 19
Blue and Gold Sausage

Money for Blue and Gold must be collected before Feb. 13 and will be delivered a week later. Make all checks payable to Oklahoma Nemesis. 

Wednesday, February 8
Blue & Gold Sausage update

When the sausage orders were given out I let everyone know that in order to place an order we had to sell a minimum number of sausage which was 15 or 16 orders of sausage per player. However, this was when we had 13 players. With only 12 players we need to sell at least 17 orders each. As of right now it doesn't look as if we will reach that minimum by Feb 13 and I want to apologize to those of you that have already collected all of their money from buyers or have already started to collect their money. Unfortunately, since our minimum wasn't met we will have to push the order date back to Feb 27 and the delivery will take place a week after that.