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Oil Slicks Volleyball
Oil Slicks Volleyball  
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2010-2011 Season

Oil-Slicks remain in Bev Facey

My ask for this season is that each player comes back to the court with the same focus they showed the previous season, remember we play these games with two things in mind. Having fun and helping our teammates be better.
The second one is important as I did not specifically say volleyball, you will help your teammates just become better. Simple.

We often get too focused on winning and often forget about what is important. Having fun and hanging out with our friends is more important then winning that one volleyball match. Five years from now we will not remember who won the games on February 21 but we will still have our friends sitting with us enjoying our company.

We will try to win and remain competitive but it is not "Win at all costs" The friendships we have grown with the other teams is just as important to us.

This season (again) we will have a set schedule for everyone to referee, umpire or do lines. It will be up to the crew to decide who will ref/umpire and who will do lines. The remaining team will be responsible for the score keeping and to do one line.

Everyone should purchase a whistle and have it in their volleyball bag.

Three person teams are:

Unit 1                                          
Matt Schewe
Heather Beier
Lindsey Burke

Unit 2
Jerry Hradecki
Colleen Schewe
Glynis Jackson
Pat Le

**My encouragement for everyone will be that each of you takes turns doing each of the four spots. Especially during league play it will help you gain confidence in your officiating skills. The subs will fill in for whom they are replacing that particular night. The team that are not officiating that night will be responsible for assisting with the set-up and take down of the nets and to score keep.

2010-2011 Roster

#4   Pat Le
#8   Lindsey Burke
#9   Jerry Hradecki
#10 Glynis Jackson
#14 Matt Schewe (C)
#17 Colleen Schewe
#19 Heather Beier

#11 Nicole Smith
#22 Dave Pisarewski

For 2011-2012 we are:
In 2010-2011 the record was 0-7-1
In 2009-2010 the record was 22-17-1
In 2008-2009 the record was 21-14-3
In 2007-2008 the record was 22-24-1
In 2006-2007 the record was 27-20-1
In 2005-2006 the record was 23-21
In 2004-2005 the record was 32-12
In 2003-2004 the record was 23-20-1
In 2002-2003 the record was 25-19
In 2001-2002 the record was 14-30



Oil Slicks Volleyball
Oil Slicks Volleyball

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