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Thursday, April 12

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As The Ohio Wolfpack Organization heads into its thirteenth season of summer ball, the 2012 edition of The Ohio Wolfpack website is up and running. During the past 13 years The Ohio Wolfpack Organization has grown into one of the most competitive and well respected organizations in the state of Ohio.



This web site is UNDER CONSTANT CHANGES & UPDATES most all pages are up and running, So please check back with us frequently, if you don't find what you are looking for today..... 



Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Hunt is on
Wednesday, January 23
What the "WOLFPACK" means to me.


Winning - It is about putting in the time to become the best that you can be. The Wolfpack was founded in 1999 on that predication, and since have developed a tremendous history of providing the best available fundamental instruction, quality competition and exposure for young athletes.

O rganization - The Wolfpack Organization teaches its participants the value of maintaining a positive outlook at all times, as well as encouraging consistent support for all teams that wear the Wolfpack name.

L ove - The love of the game is what seperates the average from the elite. You must be willing to sacrifice time, energy, sweat, and tears to become a great softball player and a great person. 

Fundamentals - The Wolfpack teaches each member in the Wolfpack complete drills, extensive practice sessions and compete against the best available competition in order to test their abilities.

Pride - Wearing the Wolfpack uniform has always carried a value for what it represents. Athletes are taught to learn a sense of accomplishment in learning goals, regardless of the outcome of competition.

A ttitude - Sportsmanship and gamesmanship are focal points of the Wolfpack Organization. Athletes are expected to carry themselves with a positive mental outlook and respect all participants in the game of softball. This carries to off-field activities and all team functions.

C ommittment - When you decide to become a Wolfpack member you understand the committment that you will put in to making yourself into an outstanding softball player and citizen.

K nowledge -
All Wolfpack members are taught all aspects of the game of softball and the rules, as well as the techniques for dealing with other participants in the game.

Tuesday, January 22
WOLF PACK by Tim Zuiderhof


From the Alpha to the Omega,

Each has their place in the WOLFPACK.
The Alpha: Big, strong, commanding, respected by the WOLFPACK, A true symbol of leadership.
The Omega: quiet, submissive, the lowest ranking member of the WOLFPACK.
Yet valued highly by the WOLFPACK,
 as the instigator of play and fun.
The WOLFPACK eats, sleeps, plays, and hunts as one...
each member knowing their duties (roles) and ensuring the WOLFPACK'S survival.
New members to the WOLFPACK quickly learn their place (roles) and join the
helping to maintain a close knit family.
The WOLFPACK is a true victim of man's insecurity,
Haunted by evil ledgends, tales, and fables,
Hunted to the brink of their very extinction.
But the Spirit of the WOLFPACK cannot be broken,
they have survived man's attempts to destroy them.
Now they struggle to maintain their rightful place in the wilderness.
Maybe if man learns to understand the values of the WOLFPACK-
Like the lone WOLF that cannot survive without the
man cannot survive alone without his fellow kind.
Continue to fight for your survival, WOLFPACK:
Raise your young,
bring them up in your footsteps,
Run free ----- Run Wild,
Maybe someday your "Howl" to unite the WOLFPACK will be
heard Everywhere.

Captain U
Tuesday, September 28



About Captain U

Captain U is a team of former college athletes and college coaches and technology experts dedicated to making recruiting easy for high school athletes. We believe recruiting should be a fun, empowering experience for athletes. CaptainU is about putting the power in athletes' hands and making recruiting positive and rewarding.


Make it absurdly easy for a college coach to evaluate you

You need college coaches to be able to get a clear picture of who you are in 5 minutes or less.

Don't hold back: give them the information they need to decide to pursue you or not. If they decide you're not right for their team, you won't waste any more time on that school. If they do like what they see, then they'll add you to their list of priority recruits.

Here are the four questions you need to answer for them:

1. Do you have the grades to get in? What are your ACT scores?

You need to shoot for 20-22. About every point higher is worth about $1,000.00 towards your financial package! So your grades along with your ACT scores are MUCH and I mean MUCH more important than your softball talent...

2. Do you play for a good team?

Of course you do...

3. Do you play at good tournaments that they attend?

Yes... Compuware, Best of the Best, Stingrays, Loudonville, and any ASA State or National Qualifiers your team may attend.

4. Do you have a short highlight video that they can watch?

Some of you may need to get this done... We can try to get everyone set up with a recruiting video the first week we practice. This way you will have one all summer incase college coaches ask for one!

If a coach can answer "yes" to these questions quickly, you'll have helped them make an informed decision. Then you can get the feedback you need to move forward -- whether it means pursuing that school aggressively, or focusing your time and energy on other opportunities.

Friday, April 30
National Letter of Intent Quick Facts Guide

Here is some general information about the NCAA's National Letter of Intent. There is a lot of information once you get into full swing with the recruiting process. I hope this information helps!
Handout: National Letter of Intent Quick Facts Guide

Wednesday, January 23
Wolfpack Goals for Student / Athletes within our Organization

The main goal of the OHIO WOLFPACK ORGANIZATION is to provide talented, dedicated fastpitch athletes with the opportunity to participate with a quality program dedicated to learning and enjoyment of the fastpitch game. All our softball teams will emphasize the development of the total person. We want our players to excel academically, spiritually, and athletically. We will never lose sight of the fact that softball is a people business and people are the most important thing in our program. The athlete must understand and believe we care for them and are working in their best interest. Dealing with the young ladies in this manner will provide us with the basis for a successful program.

The founders of this organization is Jamie Wolff and Dave Fach. The goals and those of the coaching staffs are to provide an atmosphere that promotes hard work, focus on the task at hand, and most important...FUN, allowing each young lady to reach their full potential as a softball player.

"To make your dreams come true....
You have to stay focused."

To participate at this level requires EXTREME commitment and dedication for the players and their parents, as well as a great amount of funding, to allow the girls to travel and play at the best tournaments around.



Saturday, August 22
Ellen Becker - Still in our thoughts and prayers

This page is dedicated in honor of Ellen Becker, who was in a car accident on Monday, August 3rd. Ellen is now living in Florida with her Mom. She is working with a rehab specialist that specializes in Ellens needs. Please check out the video on YOU TUBE.

You can visit Ellen on her facebook page: Ellen Emilia Becker 


Please take the time to look her up and sign the guest book while you are there and wish her well. She loves to get new messages from family, friends and fans!!!! 

Ellen we love you!!! Take Care and we will see you soon! 

Ellen Becker's Video



Buckle Up For Becker

What a princess!

Check out the link below on facebook



Remember the good times!
Wednesday, January 2
In Memory of Audrey Richards

Audrey A. Richards
Audrey A. Richards, 38, of Pebble Rd., Carrollton, died April 7, 2007 in Mercy Medical Center at Canton after a sudden illness. She was born July 1, 1968 in Canton, daughter of Charles and Susan Miller Dalton of Carrollton. She had attended Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church. She was a licensed nail technician having graduated from National Beauty College in Canton. She was the General manager of the Circle K Convenience Store in Carrollton for the past 12 years. She showed horses in the Pioneer 4-H Saddle Club for many years. She was very involved in her daughter’s (Kristen) fast pitch softball career and with many of her daughter’s other activities. In addition to her parents and grandparents, Audrey is survived by her husband of 21 years Kenneth whom she married on July 12, 1986; daughter, Kristen Richards, a student at Mt. Union College; brother, Aaron J. Dalton of Carrollton; nephew, Aaron J. Dalton, Jr. of Carrollton; niece, Tina M. Dalton of Canton; grandparents, Charles and Anna Dalton of Waynesburg and Robert & Evelyn (Miller) Beazel of Waynesburg; several aunts, uncles and cousins also survive. Audrey was preceded in death by her grandfather Henry B. Miller in 1967. Our thoughts and prayers will be with your family and friends. We will miss you!!!