Wednesday, June 11

Little League has provided us with a how to on filling out the affidavits. With the attached links you can fill it out online and print it. You will get an A + for neatness!!!! See the attachments!

Rfield fax
Handout: Baseball/Softball Affidavit

Wednesday, June 11

LUCKY YOU...you have been selected as your league's tournament director. You have many hats to wear. Attached is a guide of your responsibilities...it's old and probably should be updated again. Also to be noted is the host league of a tournament game must provide food & refreshments for the two teams after the games. This includes Managers, coaches & umpires. It does not include whole families. It is for the team and umps only. Please be respectful of this issue. It is a big cost, even though everyone on the team is asked to pitch in and help and they may have to do it more than once. Please be respectful that this is not a team picnic or league picnic. It is only for the teams and staff! Let the pizza season begin!

One very important request, as a Tournament Director you will be required to call the appointed number which will be given to you by your President to report the score of the game played. PLEASE PLEASE do this immediately after the game is over, we have many people to call on a nightly basis, the Presidents for the next round of play, newspapers and to Rose who will be posting the brackets each night of play. Cindy gets up really early every day and would like to get to bed and she will be the one calling everyone...so please....immediately after the game ends...call us!!!! 


Handout: TD GUIDE

Thursday, June 12

With Ohio weather anything can happen and usually does. It is important that someone is keeping an eye on the skies during the games. If you can hear thunder, lightning is not far away! Little League has partnered up with Weatherbug for a free app for phones. It has a lightning strike app that alerts you to how far way a lightning strike is from your area. It really works great and is easy to operate. When you go to the app store it is free and you will want to search for Weatherbug Little League. It's free!!!!!

When should activities be stopped? In general, a significant lightning threat extends outward from the base of a thunderstorm cloud about 6 to 10 miles. Therefore, people should move to a safe place when a thunderstorm is 6 to 10 miles away.

So if you or someone at game sees lightning...everyone should take the necessary pre-cautions to get to a safe place. The dugouts are not a safe place...look around people...a small building with metal fences all around is not a safe place!

If thunder is heard it's a safe bet that the storm is within ten miles. Do not wait until it gets closer...clear out!

If the time between lightning and corresponding thunder is 30 seconds or less, this indicates that the storm is 6 miles away or less.

After a lightning strike is observed it is 30 minutes before you can resume the game. So any subsequent strikes begins the countdown all over!!!! 

Also keeping the kids hydrated during a game is very important. We have the hottest time of the summer coming up (we hope). So make sure the kids have water to drink in the dugouts. It is not acceptable for parents to be running in and out of the dugouts or for the kids to be in and out of the dugouts. So make sure you have enough water for the kids! 


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