Oxon Hill Lady Roadrunners: Welcome

Oxon Hill Boys & Girls Club U-14 Girls

Welcome to the website for the Oxon Hill Boys & Girls Club Lady Roadrunners soccer team. This website was started to log the exploits of the U8 team I inherited in the Fall of 2004. This team has now moved on, ending their time together after the Spring 2011 season, but they were very successful, winning six Championships. Three players from the original team lasted to the very end.

As we begin our sojourn together, let's not aim for equal success, but for greater success over the next several seasons. Be patient, as they were, because the path could be rocky. You will have your time in the sun many times over.

I am the Head Coach and my name is Roy Butler. The Assistant Coach is George "Sting" Appiah and the Team Assistant is Tawanna Freeman.

Finally, the team hotline number is 301-758-1145 and the email address is rc4butler@gmail.com.


Inclement Weather Number

Team, If you wake up on game day and see it raining, check the Weather Line 301-927-0822. If the game is postponed, it will be recorded there. If not, show up. The referee will cancel at the field if conditions warrant it, otherwise we play in the rain. Failure of a team to report sufficient players at the field would result in a forfeit loss.

Practice and Inclement Weather

Team, We do not practice when it is raining. Use your own judgement under these circumstances or contact me directly using the hotline number 301-758-1145. In most cases I will send out an email or text message to cancel. You should also check the team web site.

Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 5/16 Soccer Lady Roadrunners: 1 - Temple Hills: 0 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Oxon Hill High School
Sun 5/20 Soccer Lady Roadrunners vs. Fort Washington 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Wise High School