Soccer: Welcome

Joe Jones
Commissioner Joe Jones

Welcome to Oxon Hill Boys and Girls Club Soccer! Joseph Jones is the commisioner and has been in charge of the program for over thirty (30) years. He is also a successful coach with numerous County Championships across all age groups. He inherited a program that was about to fold but was able to rebuild it from a single team. The program now boasts multiple teams comprising players from five (5) to fourteen (18) years old.  

Competition is provided in the following age groups:

  • Pee Wee (Ages 5 to 6)
  • 7U Boys
  • 8U Boys
  • 9U Boys
  • 10U Boys / 10U Girls
  • 11U Boys
  • 12U Boys / 12U Girls
  • 14U Boys / 14U Girls
  • 18U CoEd Recreational

All teams, except 18U, compete in leagues established by the Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club (PGCBGC) who have set the age cutoff date for soccer as September 1st. For example:- A player who turns 12 prior to this date will have to play on a 12U, or above, team. A player who turns 12 on, or after, this date is eligible to play on an 11U team.

Note: Any registered girl who is too young to play with the 10U girls team is allowed to play on an eligible boys team.

This page will track upcoming and recent games for all age groups as they are known at the time. Since games could change, please consult the official schedules provided by the coaches. You could also access the following website for this information:

To track teams' records throughout the season, actual scores will not be posted. We will use 1-0 to record either a win or a loss and 0-0 to record a tie. 

Sunday, October 29
Soccer Champions

7U Champs
It was a GREAT day for the Oxon Hill Boys and Girls Club with two teams being crowned Champions for the Fall 2017 soccer season.  CONGRATULATIONS to the 7U and 14U teams!!

14U Champs