Basketball: Welcome

Joe Jones

Welcome to Oxon Hill Boys and Girls Club Basketball! Coach Joe Jones is the commissioner. The program comprises multiple boys and girls teams from ages five (5) to fourteen (14).

Competition is provided this season in the following age groups:

  • 5/6 Peewee
  • 8U Boys
  • 9U Boys
  • 10U Boys
  • 10U Girls
  • 11U Boys
  • 12U Boys
  • 12U Girls
  • 13U Boys
  • 14U Boys

All teams compete in leagues established by the Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club (PGCBGC) and must adhere to a specific Age Eligibility Date. Per the PGCBGC requirement, teams must be formed by age division based on the player's age as of January 1 of the year the season begins.  

Note: Any registered girl whose age falls outside the requirements for the 10U or 12U girls team is allowed to play on an eligible boys team.

This page will track upcoming and recent games for all age groups as they are known at the time. Since games could change, please consult the official schedules provided by the coaches. You could also access the following website for this information:

Sunday, April 8
Basketball Awards Banquet

The basketball Commissioner extends his heartfelt thanks to all Coaches and Team Assistants for a very successful basketball season. The annual basketball awards banquet will be held on Friday, April 20th, at the Oxon Hill Middle School from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Pizza, cup cakes, and soft drinks will be served and all participating players will receive a trophy. There will also be a raffle of a TV, cash, and other items. A book of raffle tickets can be purchased for $5. Please contact coaches or Commissioner Joe Jones for more information.

Sunday, April 8
PGCBGC All-Star Games Schedule & OHBGC Participants

Congratulations to all OHBGC coaches and players who have been selected to participate in the annual PGCBGC All-Star Basketball Games!

PGCBGC All-Star Games
Frederick Douglas HS
Saturday, April 14th 

9:30a (8u), 10:30a(9u), 11:30a(10G), 12:30p(10u), 2:00p(11u), 3:00p(12G), 4:00p(12u), 5:00p(13u) & 6:00p(14u) 

Your Coaches:
              Rod Campbell(12G American)

Your Players:
              8U – J. Jones & G. Thomas
              10 Girls – A. Pullen, D. Campbell & A. Hardy
              11U – M. Shakleford & J. Smith
              12 Girls – M. Campbell, L. Corbett & K. Washington
              13U – M. Slye
              14U – O. Hill