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Mission & Philosophy

OC Xtreme Fast Pitch is dedicated to the quality fundamentals and the development of our youth softball athletes. We will achieve excellence through positive coaching in a competitive, team environment with a focus on education and social development. Our players, parents and coaches respect the importance of effort, teamwork and team pride and place it as the highest priority of our organizational behavior.

Achieving excellence requires hard work;
dealing with excellence is pure fun!

OC Xtreme Fast Pitch is an (A) Class girls' fast pitch softball team competing in Southern California. Our goals for 2013/2014 are to improve fundamentally and academically as individuals, work hard as a team and play hard as a team.

Education is a #1 priority for OC Xtreme. Players are required to maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in order to play for our organization.

We take pride in our approach to coaching.  Check out our OC Xtreme Coaching Philosophy in the handouts section.

Contact OC Xtreme: ocxtreme2000@gmail.com


Wednesday, September 25
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