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Oconomowoc Volleyball Club (OVBC) ...

We are a competitive volleyball club for female youth.  Club ball is an opportunity for your daughter to grow as a volleyball player. Fundamentals to advanced skills and strategies are taught along with teamwork, good sportsmanship, and responsibility.

 Club Commitment

OVBC understands that players are involved in other school sports, activities, and church functions. These should be given priority. At the same time, understand that OVBC requires commitment as well.

 The Season

Club season runs from December – April with weekend tournaments held January – April.  


Fee for 2012-2013 season to be $575.  Fee covers tournament entry costs, coach fees, equipment, gym rental, Badger Region membership, and administrative costs. This does not include if a team chooses to compete in Nationals or additional tournaments. Payment is to be made in full by the first parent/kick-off meeting. Payment not made by this date forfeits players spot on the team.  


Approx. 2 times a week starting in December. Actual practice days and times is determined at Kick-off meeting.


Each team selects approximately two tournaments per month to compete in. Competitions are held on Saturdays or Sundays (2 day tournaments are a possibility).  It is recommended that other activities not be scheduled for tournament days. Play starts early (7:30 am warm-ups). The length of the tournament day is dependent on how the team plays. It can end as early as 3 pm or go as late as 6 pm. 

OVBC encourages any female youth interested in club ball to attend tryouts. Club selection and play is based on performance, potential, and attitude.  

Go to http://www.badgervolleyball.org/ click on “Junior Volleyball” to read more about club volleyball and its regulations.

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is essential in club volleyball. Parents can help with rides, disseminating information and good sportsmanship. Positive parent support will make for a successful and fun club season.


Tournament Info / Results

 To get more information about tournaments and tournament results, use the following links to the Badger Region Volleyball Association.


Tournament Results: