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Scribblings from the President

Well here we are about half way through the season. Where does the time go? So far, the season seems to be going fairly smoothly and the kids are having fun and learning good sportsmanship. I want to thank all the parent volunteers who have stepped up to help out with score keeping and pitch counts. These are very important functions and we need more volunteers for this. For those of you who feel intimidated by keeping score, don’t be. We all had to learn at some point and there will always be someone there to help you. Check our website for easy to view videos on how to keep a score-book. I would also like to urge all parents to come out and root for your team. We should be filling our stands every game with cheering family members. I know that all the players appreciate family support and are proud to display their ever improving baseball skills to you.

The gophers will not go away. The city has been trying different methods to control the gophers on our fields. These have been somewhat successful; but, we must be on the lookout for the holes and fill them in when necessary. I have petitioned the city to install some doggy poo bag dispensers at the park to try and encourage our dog walkers to clean up after their dogs. Also, remember that there is a leash law at the park. Please keep your dogs on a leash.

I also want to remind all the parents who have elected to work the snack bar. Please show up on time for your scheduled shift. As indicated in the initial agreement that you signed, if you are late by 15 minutes, we will be replacing you for that shift and you will receive no refund for it. Also there is no guarantee that you will be scheduled for a makeup shift. Your cooperation in this is much appreciated.

This year we are going to try and start a fall ball program here at OVLL. Fall ball is a more laid back experience for the players and it provides them with a means to retain their skills during the “off season”. Many of our players have been going outside of our league to play and we would like to keep them here at Melba Bishop. Registrations for this will, hopefully, begin in May and the season will run from mid- August through November. This, of course, will require more volunteers to make it work. Please help us out on this. I will keep you all updated on our progress.

As always, we as a Board are always looking to improve our league. If you have any good suggestions or constructive criticisms, please let us know. I sincerely hope that all of you are enjoying the season so far and I thank all of you for your support.

Gary A. Williams OVLL, President  


Scorekeeping/Pitch Count 

  Hello Parents

Some of you may not know this but, it is the "Home Teams" responsibility to have 1 parent keep the Official League scorebook, and the "Visiting Teams" responsibilithy to have 1 parent keep the Official Pitch Count. Coaches can not do this during the game. So we really need to get parent volunteers to the game early to get set up and familiarize themselves with the books. This is very important information that we need at the end of the season for Tournaments and All Stars. So please help support our boys and their teams.  Also we have the Home Team Managers send the game results to our Scorekeeping coordinator but we would also like to have Official Score Keeper send it in too if possible. Even if it's just a picture of the scorebook. Send it to: OVLLRESULTS@gmail.COM

Here are a couple of helpful links to some helpful tutorials that teach the basics.

Part 1  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtmtVHXQpD0

Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymuj9580qBQ 

  There are lots of other tutorials you can find to help you learn how to keep the do these books on YouTube.

Thanks for supporting your OVLL! 



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