OBSL Thrashers: Welcome


Welcome to the home of the OBSL Thrashers


Our Game Time Goals

When the ball comes to a player, we pass, dribble or shoot... we never just kick!!!
We go to and try to win every loose ball.
When we are in the other teams corner, we always cross the ball in front of the goal.
When we see our teammate in the corner, we position ourselves in front of the goal and   
wait for the cross.
And finally... we communicate with each other.

Get that Ball

Aggression in soccer translates to a willingness to be on the field competing for the ball. You can have the best skills in the world but if you lack defensive aggression you simply will not see the ball very often.
The willingness to take the ball from your opponent is the most important goal. It is a feeling to go forward with courage, determination and a little anger. You must want to mix it up with your opponents. That means not being afraid to get physical. It's a part of the game. You must want the ball and you have to go in there and take it. The more aggression you bring to the game, while staying within the rules, the better. You should always be hunting for the ball.
-Kamal de Gregory
Bahamas National Team

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Tuesday, October 9
Pregame Nutrition Tips

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Tuesday, November 14
Tactical Situation Tests - Courtesy of SAY Soccer