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Olive Branch Football:Quistor Quiz & Answers

Olive Branch Football

Sunday, May 20

QUESTION 1: OBHS and East Side High Schools integrated in 1970. Including the 1970 season, how many different head football coaches have Conquistador teams had since then?
CORRECT ANSWER: Six .....1. Tom Marino 1970, 2. Jesse Weeks 1971-1975, 3. Leslie Pool 1976-1998, 4. Mike Moore 1999-2001, 5. Jamie Mitchell 2002-2005 and 6. Scott Samsel 2006-present.

QUESTION 2: Head Coach Leslie Pool led Conquistador teams for 23 years, the longest tenure of any head coach at Olive Branch, before retiring from coaching after the 1998 season. What person has the second longest time as head football coach of OBHS teams?
CORRECT ANSWER: B. J. 'Red' Chain, Sr. .....Coach 'Red' Chain led Olive Branch football teams three different times as head coach for a total of 14 seasons from 1928-1935, 1941-1945 and again in 1951.  Walter S. Carter served as the third longest OBHS head coach with 10 seasons (1946-1950 and 1957-1961) while J. Hansel Thornton and Jesse Weeks each led Olive Branch teams for 5 years each, Thornton from 1952-1956 and Weeks from 1971-1975.

QUESTION 3: Besides current Head Coach Scott Samsel, which other Olive Branch head football coach was also a graduate of OBHS?
CORRECT ANSWER: B. J. 'Buddy' Chain, Jr. .....Chain was a 1953 OBHS graduate and served as an assistant football coach under Walter S. Carter before becoming Olive Branch's head coach for two seasons (1962 & 1963).

QUESTION 4: Which school is the only one to win more Chickasaw Conference Championships in football than Olive Branch?
CORRECT ANSWER: Senatobia .....The Warriors either outright won or obtained a co-championship share of a Chickasaw Conference Title nine times between 1955 and 1968.  South Panola captured six conference crowns, while Southaven picked up five and Water Valley only mustered one first place finish.  Both Southaven and South Panola did not become participants in football in the Chickasaw Conference until the 1972 season, over twenty years after it began.  While Water Valley only won one championship, they were one of the powerhouse teams in the conference during the 1950's and 1960's ending in either second or third place a total of eight times during this time span including a mark of six runner-up finishes to the title.  (In comparison, Olive Branch won or gathered a share of the championship a total of eight times from 1966 to 1992, the last year of football participation in the Chickasaw Conference.)

Monday, June 4

QUESTION 1: Olive Branch was a charter member of the Chickasaw Conference. A total of 20 different schools at one time or another played football in the conference. What was the only other team in the conference besides OBHS to play every season from 1952 to 1992?
Horn Lake

Olive Branch football teams were first called the Aggies because the school was the DeSoto County Agricultural High School. It was abolished in 1931. The Eagles mascot was adopted in 1937. What was the OBHS team mascot name between 1932 and 1936?
CORRECT ANSWER: Tigers ....From 1932 to 1936, the OBHS mascot was referred to as the "Tigers" or "Aggie Tigers" although the Agricultural High School at Olive Branch had been abolished in 1931.  The school then became known as Olive Branch Consolidated High School which used the same teaching staff, facilities, property and buildings that were used by the old Agricultural High School.  Essentially the only difference was the name and organizational structure of the school.

What was the name of the conference in which Olive Branch High School participated in football prior to becoming a member of the Chickasaw Conference in 1952?
CORRECT ANSWER: Northwest Athletic Conference .....This conference began just after World War II (from the 1946 to 1951 seasons) and had anywhere from four to eight schools that participated in football during this time span.  OBHS won two Northwest Athletic Conference Titles, one in 1947 and another in the final year of the conference in 1951.  Olive Branch was also the runner-up to the conference championship a total of three years during this time as well (1946, 1949 and 1950 seasons).

During Leslie Pool's 23 seasons as head coach of Conquistador teams, every year but one, the emblem used on the side of the football helmets was each player's number. What was the one season in which a Conquistador logo and letters OBS were used instead?
CORRECT ANSWER: 1988 season

Sunday, June 24

QUESTION 1: Conquistadors have been wearing gold football helmets for approximately three decades now. Prior to the color gold, navy blue helmets were used. What was the last season that OBHS teams wore the navy blue football helmets?
CORRECT ANSWER: 1975 season .....Head Coach Jesse Weeks went to the navy blue helmets from the 1971 to 1975 seasons, during his tenure here at OBHS.  Beginning in the 1976 season to present day, the color of the helmets are officially painted in "Green Bay Gold".

What music tune is the current OBHS Football Fight Song set to?
CORRECT ANSWER: Washington & Lee Swing .....The Washington & Lee Swing was the original music tune played at Olive Branch football games in the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.  It was reinstated as the official fight song for OBHS at the start of the 2005 football season.  Prior to 2005 and beginning in the early 1980's, the "Notre Dame Fight Song" was used.  A large majority of Olive Branch's opponents also used the Notre Dame song for their fight song as well.  Because of this, a discussion on developing a new tune was made by former OBHS supporters, players, band members, cheerleaders, staff and administration, for a fight song that was unique and one that would convey the spirit of Olive Branch football.  Tradition has always been a strong and established part of the Olive Branch football program and it was only natural that the former Washington & Lee Swing be used once again as its official fight song.  The words to this song, used by OBHS students and fans in the 40's, 50's and 60's, can be found each season in Olive Branch's Football Program and Media Guide.

The longest win streak over an opponent by OBHS was a total of 17 straight games won by Olive Branch. Which team does OBHS have this record against?
CORRECT ANSWER: Horn Lake .....The Conquistadors won 17 consecutive football contests versus the Eagles from 1976 to 1992 for Olive Branch's longest win streak over another school.  The second longest streak for OBHS is the 13 games won in-a-row over Coldwater High from 1970 to the present.  The Conquistador's third longest victory string is the 12 consecutive games won against both Hernando and Holly Springs.  OBHS had the 12 wins versus Hernando between 1975 and 1988 and the same number over Holly Springs from the 1975 to the 1994 seasons.

Olive Branch's first recorded football game occurred on October 1st, 1926. Who was the opponent?
CORRECT ANSWER: Tunica .....Olive Branch's first football team was known as the DeSoto County Agricultural High School "Aggies".  The contest on October 1, 1926 was played at Tunica but the outcome and score of the game is unknown.

Thursday, October 25

QUESTION 1: Prior to integration in 1970, the Town of Olive Branch was home to two separate high schools, Olive Branch and East Side. What was the mascot for East Side's athletic teams?

Who was the first Olive Branch football player to be honored with the "Quistor Award"?
CORRECT ANSWER: Barnard Welch .....This award was first presented at the conclusion of the 1981 season.  That year, Welch was the starting quarterback for Olive Branch and led the Conquistadors to a 10-3 record.  In 1982, Kenny Wright was the second player to receive this award.  Kenny's son, K. J. Wright, would be selected for the same award in 2006.  Odis Webb and Sammy Jones both played for OBHS in the late 1970's, prior to the award being bestowed.  After the 2006 season, former Quistor Coach Leslie Pool's name was added to the award which now officially carries the title "The Leslie Pool Quistor Award".

The MHSAA reinstituted the current football state play-off system for Mississippi high schools in 1981. What was the first team that OBHS played in the play-offs that season?
CORRECT ANSWER: Shannon .....Olive Branch opened the play-offs that season at home with a 21-0 shut out win over the Red Raiders.  The Conquistadors would later play Starkville in the 1981 North Mississippi Class AA Championship game.  OBHS first played West Point in 1982 and then Louisville in 1985.

Who was the opponent in the Conquistadors' initial game played on "The Hill", now known as Pool Field, on September 13, 1996?
CORRECT ANSWER: Memphis Wooddale .....OBHS defeated the Cardinals, 28-6, to christen the new stadium.

BONUS QUESTION: Name the head coach of Olive Branch's first undefeated football team.
CORRECT ANSWER: B. J. 'Red' Chain, Sr. .....In Coach 'Red' Chain's final season as head football coach, his 1951 squad would go 10-0 and capture the Northwest Athletic Conference Championship to become Olive Branch's first undefeated team in school history.

Thursday, December 20

QUESTION 1: Besides current Conquistador Head Coach Scott Samsel, what other assistant coach(es) under former OBHS Coach Leslie Pool went on to become a head football coach?
CORRECT ANSWER: All of the Above .....Trey Allman, Jack French and Carly Powers

Olive Branch High School first installed flood lights on its football field at the beginning of the 1949 season. Who was the first night time home opponent that OBHS played that year?
CORRECT ANSWER: Horn Lake .....Olive Branch defeated Horn Lake by a score of 19-0 that evening.  Shortly after the game, a large fight broke out between players and fans from both schools.  As a result, the two teams didn't meet on the gridiron the following season but renewed the rivalry again in 1951.

Prior to the 1996 season, Olive Branch played on the football field behind the old high school on Blocker Street (presently the Olive Branch Middle School). By what name did OBHS fans commonly refer to this field as?
CORRECT ANSWER: "The Hollow" .....This would be the "home turf" for Olive Branch football teams from 1967 through to the first game of the 1996 season.

Following the 1986 season, Conquistador Lineman Glenn Neely was selected to Bally's National High School All-American Team and was the Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year. Which SEC team did Neely sign with and play for out of high school?
CORRECT ANSWER: University of Florida Gators

Friday, April 18

QUESTION 1: What DeSoto County community had a high school and fielded a football team that at one time played against OBHS but no longer exists as a school today?
CORRECT ANSWER: Eudora .....the former southwest DeSoto County school played Olive Branch High in football on at least one occasion (1947 season).

QUESTION 2: Which Olive Branch head football coach was the first to win an official conference championship title?

CORRECT ANSWER: Walter S. Carter .....Coach Carter won the Northwest Athletic Conference Championship in football back in 1947 by defeating Eudora, Hernando and Holly Springs.

QUESTION 3: Since 1970, which Memphis City School squad has the Conquistadors played in football more than any other?

CORRECT ANSWER: Memphis Wooddale .....the Quistors have played against the Cardinals on nine occasions: in the 1981, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001 and 2002 seasons with OBHS leading 7 games to 2 in the series.  OBHS has played East - 8 times, Frayser - 5 times and Northside - 4 times.

QUESTION 4: Olive Branch was DeSoto County's first organized high school football program, beginning in 1926.  Which school was the second to form a team in the county?

CORRECT ANSWER: Hernando High School ..... Hernando started a team the following season, in 1927, with their mascot being called the Wildcats.  Horn Lake's first season was in 1944 and Southaven not until 1971.

Friday, July 4

QUESTION 1: When East Side High School and Olive Branch High School integrated, which person was the Conquistador's first head football coach?
CORRECT ANSWER: Tom Marino .....Coach Marino served as the Conquistador's first head football coach in his only season here, in 1970.

QUESTION 2: What Northwest Athletic Conference football team did Olive Branch play in its final game as a member of this conference?

CORRECT ANSWER: Ripley, MS .....Olive Branch downed Ripley by a score of 15-0 to capture the 1951 Northwest Athletic Conference Championship and closed out the first ever perfect season in OBHS history in the final year of participation in this conference.

QUESTION 3: What football opponent was the last team that Olive Branch played as a member of the Chickasaw Conference in 1992?

CORRECT ANSWER: Oxford .....the Quistors defeated the Chargers 14-7 in the final year of football particpation in this conference.  OBHS would secure its eighth overall Chickasaw Crown this season.

QUESTION 4: Prior to the 2007 season against M.U.S., what was the last Tennessee private school football squad that OBHS played?

CORRECT ANSWER: Catholic High School of Memphis .....Olive Branch played Catholic in both the 1985 and 1986 seasons.  The Conquistadors played Tennessee Academy once back in 1974 but have never met Briarcrest Christian on the gridiron.



Olive Branch Football

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