Metzger 12U: Links

ASA Rulebook
This is an older edition of the ASA rulebook. We will play under these rules for all ASA tournaments.

2014 USSSA Rulebook
This is the complete set of USSSA rules for FastPitch Softball for the 2014 season. We will play under these rules for all USSSA tournaments.

How to Be a Good Sports Parent
This article takes a look at the best ways to encourage your kids and their teammates.

The Ride Home
Win or lose, kids need their space after a game. Here's why.

What's Your Error Recovery Process?
Handout from Practice on 2/4/14.

7 Habits of People with Remarkable Mental Toughness
Good life lessons to learn....

The Secret to Getting a Softball Scholarship
Are you a good student, teammate, daughter and player? While 9U players and parents don't really need to think too much about obtaining a college scholarship, the process begins sooner than you think. And there are key factors -- such as attitude, hustle, and resiliency -- that are good to learn at any time.

Why Many High School Players Never Play College Ball
The key takeaways, even for young players, are to 1) set goals for yourself and 2) not take anything for granted.

College Softball Scholarships...6 Crucial Tips to Stay Ahead
It's important to consider your options sooner rather than later -- and to keep as many open as possible.