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Schedules and Standings

 ***Home Team is listed FIRST***

13-16 Schedule/Standings- Playoffs will begin on June 19th.  Best of 3 series played over MWF 4 vs 1, 2 vs 3.  Championship Series begins June 26th.  Best of 3 series played over MWF.

11-12 Schedule/Standings- Week 8 has been eliminated from schedule due to playoff time constraints.  Printable schedule updated.  Playoffs will begin on June 12th.  11-12 All Star Game Thursday June 29th, 7:30pm.

9-10 Schedule/Standings - Week 8 has been eliminated from schedule due to playoff time constraints. Printable schedule updated.  Playoffs will begin on June 13th.  9-10 All Star Game Thursday June 29th, 5:15pm.

Coach Pitch Schedule/Standings -   Please note, the games scheduled for Saturday May 27th, will be played the week of June 12th.  Those games will be on the printable schedule, then standings for those games will be input after they are played.   Playoffs will being June 19th.  Coach Pitch All Star Game Saturday June 24th at 5:00pm on Little League Field.  Coach Pitch Championship Game will be played at 7:00pm on Saturday June 24th on Little League Field.

TBall Schedule 

Printable Schedules are listed under FORMS.  You can print every league schedule (except the Coach Pitch) from the website sortable by league and team.

League VP's are listed in the Board Members Section. 

Coaches in each league need to group text 301-616-9053 (Joe Healy), League VP and each coach in your league the scores and ALL pitchers pitch counts for the night.  The pitch counts should include BOTH teams counts.  This needs to be done by 11pm each night after the games are played.  Coaches need to have a dedicated pitch counter in the dugout.  The pitch counters should meet every inning to make sure they have the same pitch counts and scores.


***Home Team is listed FIRST***

Umpire Duties 

***For 13-16, 11-12, & 9-10 divisions, Home Team must provide 1 field ump before/after game.  Each Coach Pitch Team needs to provide an ump before/after game on Weeknights.  On Saturdays, Game 1 Umps are 2 coaches from the home team of Game 2, Game 2 Umps are 1 coach from Game 1 Home team and 1 coach from Game 3 Home Team, Game 3 Umps are 2 coaches from the Visiting team in Game 2*** 

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Thursday, March 16
2018 Little League Bat Standards

Please note, that beginning in 2018, there will be a new bat standard for all leagues ages 12 and under.  Bats will be required to have the USABat stamp.  Bats with the 1.15 BPF stamp will be illegal in 2018.  OYBL follows the Little League bat standards.

Senior Division will continue to use the BBCOR Bat Standard 

Please click the link above for more information regarding this change. 

New Age Guidelines

Below is a link to the new Age Chart for OYBL.  OYBL has adopted Little League's new age date of 8/31/2017 for any players born 9/1/2006 or after.  Players born 8/31/2006 or before will still use 4/30/2017.

Handout: Age Chart

TBall & Coach Pitch Helpful Information

This has some helpful tips for anyone who coaches very young kids.

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