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Friday, July 1
Future Major Leaguers?

What a fantastic group picture of both teams taken by Dave Lebon after last night's 11-12 all star game. It was a perfect end to another great season. Just a bunch of boys smiling after a baseball game. Doesn't get any better than that. Have a great summer from OYBL!


Tuesday, June 28
Back to Back to Back! Lions 2016 11-12 Champs

2016 Lions 11-12 Champs

2016 American Legion 11-12 Runner Up

Tuesday, June 28
Brownings over FOP for 9-10 Championship

2016 Brownings 9-10 Champs

2016 FOP 9-10 Runner Up

Tuesday, June 28
Team One over Mettiki to win Coach Pitch Championship

2016 Team One Coach Pitch Champs

2016 Mettiki Coach Pitch Runner Up

Tuesday, June 28
Raffle Ticket Winners

$500- Chuck Barnard

IPAD- Sam Wright

Pirate Tix- Michele McBride

Load of gravel courtesy of Fairfax- Alexx Grady


Thanks to all who purchased tickets.  All of the money we raise 100% goes to support OYBL and it's players.  OYBL is a self sufficient non profit organization that is not subsidized by any town or goverment agency or school system.  We are 100% responsible for the maintainence, repairs and improvements for our 3 fields and grounds.  This year we were able to put $4000 into new fencing at the hot stove field.  That wouldn't be possible without our gracious sponsors, volunteeers and parents hard work and fundraising. 


Joe Healy, OYBL President




Monday, June 13
Playoff Results Thread

11-12 Division-  


Back to Back to Back!  Lions defeat American Legion in Championship series, 5-0 & 19-3. 


Lions vs American Legion, best of 3 series has been postponed until Monday, June 27 at 5:15p & 7p 


Game 7: American Legion beats Elks 

Game 6: Elks 16 Glotfeltys 3 

Game 5: Lions 14 American Legion 1

Game 4: Elks 12 WOW 2 

Game 3: Lions 12 Glotfeltys 2 

Game 2: American Legion 10 Elks 3 

Game 1: Glotfeltys 14 WOW 4 


9-10 Division-

Championship Game:  Browning's 8 FOP 2

Brownings vs FOP, Thursday 6/23 5:15, 7:00 if necessary.  FOP must beat Brownings twice 

Game 7:  FOP 14 AW 2 

Game 6: FOP 6 First United 3 

Game 5: Brownings 12 AW 8 

Game 4: FOP 9 GMS 6 

Game 3: Brownings 7 First United 1 

Game 2:  AW 11 GMS 10 

Game 1:  First United 6 FOP 5 


Coach Pitch Division-

Championship Game:  Team One 9 Mettiki 5 

Team One vs Mettiki, Saturay 6/25, 7:30 on Little League Field 

Game 5:  Mettiki 18 Wepco 12 

Game 4: Team One 14 Precision painting 2 

Game 3: Wepco 19 Beitzels 7 

Game 2: Mettiki 12 C&S Fredlock 2 

Game 1:  Precision Painting 10 Southern Auto 0 


Monday, June 13
Little League Regular Season Home Run Leaders!!!

"Back, back, back, back...Gone!"  ESPN's Chris Berman

Isaac Upole 12

Chris "Pork Chop" Mersing 9

Ethan Newcomb 5

Jordan Ashby 4

Landen Tasker 4

Nick Butina 3

Evan Germain 3

Caleb Campbell 1

Will Moon 1

Chandler Wolfe 1

New Scoreboard!

Thanks to First United Bank & Trust for their $2500 donation towards the purchase of a new scoreboard for the Little League Field. Thanks to all who came out to the clean up day as well.

Monday, March 28
2016 Schedules

Handout: 2016 Schedules

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