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Monday, May 21
Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation


On Saturday June 16th at 7:00PM the Rockland Boulders minor league baseball team is hosting a Christopher Brandle Joy of Life Foundation Night.  The foundation will receive a portion of each ticket sold.  In loving memory of one of Oakland's cherished sons please spread the word.

It will be a fun night, of baseball and there will be fireworks after the game. 

For information on purchasing tickets please contact Lynne at 201.248.3194, Mary at 201.774.7757, email at or visit our website at

Recreation Baseball

Play Ball!  The Baseball season is well underway!  Check out the game schedules on the left menu for upcoming games at the Minor, Major & AAA divisions.  Come on down and cheer on the teams in the 'old time Baseball tradition!

Recreation Baseball Coordinators:  The primary responsibility of this dedicated group of volunteers is to ensure your children's baseball experience is safe and fun.  Our goal is for 100% of this year's participants to join again in 2013 and encourage their friends to join for the first time.  Please support them in their efforts.

T-Ball:  Chuck Deprima (
Farm:   Rick McNamee (
Minors: Chris Cortese (
Majors: Pete Mazzilli (
AAA:    Mike Sears (

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Travel Baseball

Travel Baseball Director: Jeff Cohn (


Travel Baseball Families - the Oakland Baseball on-line store is OPEN
FOR BUSINESS!  Please click this link and follow the below instructions
to buy your new uniform tops and anything else you need.

1. Click on your team store.
2. Once you click on that, it will take you to the online store.
3. You will be asked to create a username and password.
4. Once you establish an account, you can order your items by simply
clicking each item you want to order, and then indicating size you want
and in some cases, you can add the name and number on the back.  No
names or number will be added unless you indicate that you want them (It
should NOT say “No Name” or “No Number” if you in fact do what them)
5. Once you have finished with your order, click on the shopping cart at
the top right of the page to check out.
6. At the bottom of the checkout page, you will be asked to click to
confirm your order.
7. You will then be redirected to Paypal.  If you do not have a Paypal
account, there is a link to click if you would like to pay with a credit
8. Once you have paid for your shirts, you will receive a confirmation
email at the email address you provided when establishing your account.
9. PLEASE make sure you get your orders in on time.  No orders will be
accepted after the deadline.
10. Orders will be filled and delivered to your coach or team rep to

Handout: Travel Baseball Commitment Letter

Recreation Baseball Odds and Ends

Rutgers SAFETY Training: Certification is required for anyone interested in coaching Recreation and Travel.  For more info (including list of certified coaches) go to the Coach Certification page:  
 - Do Not Hit Balls into the Fence - It is not permitted to hit balls into any of the fences or backstops at any times.  This activity deamages the fences.
- Bullpen Safety
When a pitcher is warming up on our new bullpen mounds (on fields 8 & 9) while a game or practice is in progress, a coach (not a player) must act as a "Spotter".  This is mandatory to ensure the pitcher is protected from errant baseballs while his back is to the action on the field.  The "Spotter" must face the action on the field and protect the pitcher.  Thank you for your strict adherence to this policy.
- Use of Composite Bats / Bat Size Guideline
   - No Composite Barrels!!!  Composite Handle with Metal Barrel OK - Across all divisions.  
    - Diameter:  2 1/4" in TeeBall, Farm, Minor, Major divisions.  2 5/8" allowed in AAA division.
    - Differential: no limits to the Differential ("drop size")...just follow the above guidelines.
   - Most leagues are following the Little League "Approved Composite guidelines".  
   - Follow the specific guidelines of each individual league (ask your Mgr).  
- Official Game Balls per Division / Age
    DOL-1: Game Ball for:  1) 12 and Under Travel  2) AAA Rec
    DOL-2: Game Ball for: 1) Majors Rec  2) Minors Rec  3) Farm Rec
   Rawlings NFHS: Game Ball for: 1) 14U  2) 13U

T-Ball through AAA baseball:  Do not have 1 set night they play on.  They play on a rotating schedule; games rotate throughout the season and may be played on M - Sat.  

T-Ball is for boys and girls that are attending Kindergarten April 2011 - June 2011.   We do not have a pre-school t-ball program. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

All Boys MUST wear a protective cup at practices and games (all levels). 

Baseball cleated shoes are suggested but not madatory, but NO METAL Cleats permitted in Rec baseball.

Bat Size:

T-ball - Majors:  2 1/4" diameter Little League approved bats only.

AAA division:  Up to a 2 5/8" diameter with unlimited differential.

(2 3/4" Big Barrel bats are not permitted in Recreation baseball)

NO COMPOSITE BARREL Bats allowed in Rec.  Composite Handles, with a Metal Barrel are OK.


T-ball begins with players hitting off a tee, then by season's end coaches pitch to the players. 

Farm division is a coached pitched league

Minor's - AAA are player pitched.

There are NO Breaking Pitches (curve balls, sliders, screwballs, knuckleballs, etc.) permitted.  Hard cap pitching rules will be in effect in 2011 - no exceptions including Playoffs and World Series.  Pitching rules are posted below.

Pitch Count Rules

Oakland Recreation & Travel Baseball will continue the Pitch Count rule in an effort to protect our kids from injury.  We will follow the recommendations of the A.S.M.I.(American Sports Medicine Institute). 

Pitch Count and Other ASMI Recommendations

Pitch Counts (Note: these are the actual numbers that Oakland Rec & Travel use)

Age / Group

Max Pitches     per Game

Max Pitches     per Week

9-10 Minors



11-12 Majors



13-14 AAA




Recovery Times (Note: these are the actual numbers that Oakland Rec uses)


1 Day Rest

2 Day Rest

3 Day Rest

4 Day Rest

9-10 Minors

21 Pitches

31 Pitches

41 Pitches

50 Pitches

11-12 Majors

27 Pitches

35 Pitches

50 Pitches

58 Pitches

13-14 AAA

30 Pitches

36 Pitches

56 Pitches

70 Pitches

Pitch counts were based on a research from American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI

No Breaking Pitches:  (Additional A.S.M.I. recommendation & Oakland Recreation Rule)

This includes curve balls, sliders, screwballs, split-finger fast balls, knuckleballs, etc.

Penalties for any player that breaks this rule:
*First infraction during season - warning
*Second infraction during season - ejection from game
*Third infraction during season - suspension until player and parents meet with commissioner

Pitch Count Plus Other Factors

Other factors to take into account as you determine, "How many pitches should I allow my player to pitch?".

    Some Additional ASMI Survey Conclusions:
  • A pitcher should be limited to two appearances per week.
  • Participation in multiple leagues, playing other positions, and practice should be considered when defining and regulating rest.
  • Improper technique is a major factor in injury potential.
  • Conditioning of the throwing arm and entire body can reduce a young pitcher's risk of injury.
  • While the number of pitches should be limited, the young athlete should be encouraged to throw. This includes playing catch, playing other positions besides pitcher, and practicing pitching. When symptoms of arm discomfort or fatigue arise, longer periods of rest are recommended.

You can find the complete ASMI research at:

    Other Things to Consider:
  • The guidelines are based on age, but kids develop at different ages. Adjust pitch count down if you have a pitcher that isn't as strong and developed as other kids his age.
  • Make sure that pitchers have the proper amount of time to stretch and warm-up prior to entering a game.
  • Error on the side of caution. If a pitcher looks tired, get another pitcher in. Don't wait until he complains about a sore arm.
  • Constantly remind your players about the importance of taking care of their arms. Tell them that it's essential that they tell you if they have any soreness.
  • Emphasize the importance of stretching and building arm strength throughout the season. Players of all ages need to play catch on a regular basis. Set expectations with players and parents that they will play catch at home, not just at practice and during games.
  • Limit pitch counts to less than recommendations:
    • Early in the season.
    • With a pitcher that hasn't pitched much.
    • A pitcher that has poor mechanics.
    • During cold weather.
  • Require pitchers to wear long sleeves and put a coat on between innings.
  • Remember that no victory is worth the price of having a young player damage his arm.

The following article is taken from a great website: - and it explains why we feel the rules are the best way we have of preventing harm to young and still growing arms.

Pitch Count - How Many Pitches or Innings Should I Allow My Player to Throw?
This is a common question of a youth coach or parent of a young pitcher. The question is really pretty straight forward, but the answer actually involves many variables that need to be considered. The first thing you must realize is that it's an important issue. We see kids falling and bouncing back up, they rarely seem to pull a muscle or have other aches and pains that we, as adults, have become used to. Kids seem to bounce back quickly from most everything, so does it really matter if their arm is a little sore from pitching? Yes, it does matter! The pitching motion puts a large amount of strain on the throwing arm, particularly on the shoulder and elbow. I personally remember that 3 of the best pitchers from my little league never pitched in high school because they had hurt their arms before they ever reached that level. Now I don't know if it had anything to do with how many pitches they were allowed to throw or not, but the point is that young arms are developing and fragile and need to be taken care of. Kids will do pretty much what they are told, so it's up to parents and coaches to make sure that a pitcher's arm is taken care of.

Monday, May 2
Travel & Rec Pitcher Development Process

As a broader baseball program, our goal has always been to provide an opportunity for all to play both Rec and Travel.  We also want to ensure we don’t sacrifice one for the other.  We want to provide a fair and balanced approach - especially when it comes to how we use our pitchers.  A way to achieve this is to provide an open opportunity for rec teams to use travel players to pitch, but to also allow them to be used by their respective travel team; which is why the pitch count limit was suggested.  In addition, what we hope this also allows for new opportunities for non travel players on rec teams to pitch and develop pitching skills.  This was a collaborative process between recreation and travel leadership that we are proud to implement as of April 23, 2011 (Download attached Handout below).

Handout: Travel & Rec Pitcher Development Process

Sunday, July 13

Just a reminder that anyone can now post photos to Shutterfly, with a direct link on our site to the pictures!  Just go to the "Albums" page by clicking on the link to your left, then click on "Add Photos".  You will be directed to Shutterfly, where it's just a few simple steps to register and get your pictures posted on their site.  When you're done, there will be a link on our "Albums" page to your photos, where anyone can easily view them.  The best part is ... IT'S COMPLETELY FREE!  Shutterfly also offers folks the opportunity to purchase prints, and that's where they make their money.  We've already had 16 albums posted!

Please remember that anyone can view these pictures, so PLEASE - NO LAST NAMES OF KIDS ALLOWED!  Also, when you name your Album please indicate Major's A's, 8U-Gold, 12u Travel etc.

We hope you all enjoy this great new way to share your photos with the entire baseball community!