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Wednesday, April 11
Welcome to the 2012 LADY TITANS SUMMER Basketball Program


The following is designed to answer any questions regarding our program. 
  • What is the cost of the program?
  • When does the season start and end?
  • Practice Policy:  Where and when are they held?
  • Playing Time?
  • Why play for the Oakdale Lady Titans?
  • Why travel so far to play games?
  • Parents Responsibility and Commitment?
 What is the cost of the program? The annual fee to play for the Lady Titans is $550.00 for a full schedule, which consists of 10 tournaments, ages 11-17.  These fees include all practices, tournament fees, gym fees, and the usage of uniforms. This cost does not include: Travel Expenses, Hotel Fees, Food, etc.   There is a $200.00 deposit due for all players no later than 2/25/12. This will reserve your daughters spot.   All fees are to be paid in full to your coach in a check made payable to Oakdale Lady Titans Basketball no later than the first scheduled practice.   Contact your coach for any questions or call Charlita Williamson 612-868-4054. When does the season start and end? The season begins with practices being held during the first week in April and ends the last week in July.  The 15-16 year-old teams may play thru the end of July.   Practice Policy:  Where and When are they held? Players are required to commit to and attend two practices a week throughout the entire season.  Practices are usually held (, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings).  Each practice will last for 1 1/2-2 hours each and are mandatory. They will be held at either Skyview or Tartan .  Practices are held to develop individual skills as well as team skills and build cohesiveness.  Our practice policy is strict.  Anyone who misses three unexcused practices will have their playing time reduced and may be dismissed from the team. It is not fair, to the kids who show up and work hard at practice and games, to offer the same playing time to kids who miss practices and/or games. This policy will be explained in detail by your coach.   Playing Time? The Lady Titans policy, especially at the younger ages, is for each child to play in every game. However the coach decides on playing time based on game situations and other factors. Playing time is earned. Players can earn more playing time through hard work and dedication while at practices and at games.  You don’t have to be a superstar to play for the Lady Titans, you just have to apply what you’ve learned and give 100% while on the court at all times.  NO EXCEPTIONS!        Why Play for the Lady Titans? The Oakdale Lady Titans program provides all children the opportunity to learn the game, develop and improve their skills, and play competitive basketball against other players of equal or higher skills in practice and in games.  This will hopefully give our players exposure and perhaps help them have a successful High School and College Career at either Division 1, 2 or 3 schools. Also, my goal is to compete with other area high schools and have the kids play together during the offseason.  They will also receive quality coaching.  They will get to travel and make new friends, but most of all “Have Fun”.   Why travel so far to play games? The Lady Titans want to offer children the best possible competition which is not necessarily the closest to home and we believe the better the competition the more our kids will improve.   Parents Responsibility and Commitments? As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure both you and your child are committed to the program and their teammates.  This means a sacrifice for both the parent and player!  Practices are mandatory and are important to both the player and the team. You as a parent need to get your child to practice every time and on time. You cannot allow outside distractions to interfere with what the team is trying to accomplish through hard work at practice.  Because of the competitive nature of the Lady Titans teams practices are as important in your Childs development as the games. As a parent you must refrain from coaching your child while at games.  This only distracts the player and confuses them. Your child shouldn’t be put in the position of whom to listen to……the coach or there parents.  Parents need to be positive to your child and your teammates.  If you have any questions or issues regarding your child see the coach in private away from the players.  If you are still not satisfied you may contact the President of the Lady Titans Program, Coach Charlita Williamson @ 612-868-4054 or email at Please please speak with the coach first in private.