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Leroy Sisnett
AUCKLAND, New Zealand
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Introducing the NZ IRON BLACKS

The NZAFA are proud to announce the new name for the senior mens national team, they will now be known as the NZ IRON BLACKS . The name change is necessary due to the busy international calendar for the 2002/2003 season and is appropriate for the national team. The 'NZ IRON BLACKS' will continue the tradition of the NZ HAKA when they represent New Zealand later in July 2003.

As the international profile of the NZAFA increases with the continued relationship with Gridiron Australia, International Sports Specialists, Arena Football and other Pacific Rim countries the name 'IRON BLACKS' will become synonymous with the new era of football in New Zealand.

NZ Haka Colts Foundation Players
NZ HAKA COLTS, history continues ........

The history of the NZ Haka continues with the introduction of the NZ HAKA COLTS team on the international stage for New Zealand.  The first ever U18 NZ team will travel across the Tasman to represent NZ and play American Football at the Downunderbowl Tournament.

The development of the junior programme namely in Auckland has taken great strides to produce athletes worthy of national selection and who are committed to developing themselves as students of the game.  The NZ football community were very excited that the venture came to fruition hinted in 2000 by NZAFA President Mr Leroy Sisnett who proposed the idea of sending a Colts team and this has been achieved;

'Our Junior programme is our life blood and with the expansion over the last two years, with U18 Thunder Bowl II, and the game growing from 7 a side to 9 a side...things are looking good for the future of American Football in New Zealand'

The NZ Haka Colts history at the Downunderbowl tournament begins with:

NZ Haka Colts 0 - 18 Kentucky All Stars

NZ Haka Colts 6 - 14 Arizona All Stars

The Downunderbowl tournament is now a sought after event by the NZ football community given that the Junior players are able to compete with their American peers during the cultural exchange. 


NZ HAKA makes history at Paradise Mall in Surfers Paradise
New Zealand Haka History begins .......

The New Zealand Haka is New Zealand's representative American Football team.  Its history and use of the name NZ HAKA is littered as being used by many separate individuals who shared a common goal 'to put NZ on the global stage for American Football'

The most notable individual to use the name NZ HAKA was Mr Rick Ellison whose vision of hosting a Division 1 College game in NZ back in the mid nineties.  The 'Haka Bowl' would be part of the annual USA College Bowl games and involve the travelling of two American College Football teams to NZ to compete for the championship.  Unfortunately the event 'Haka Bowl' did not eventuate but the name 'HAKA' was not forgotten.

In 1996, the HAKA played an Australian team called the Bushrangers, a composite team comprised of a number of state teams.

In 1997, the HAKA traveled to the USA and played Dixie College, Snow College, and Ricks College.  This tour was organized by two business men from the US in conjunction with the Hamilton Hawks American Football Club.

In 1998, the HAKA played an Australian team called the Australian Allies; another composite team compromised of a number of state teams in Adelaide.

In 1999, the HAKA then travelled to the Down Under Bowl tournament in Surfers Paradise.  A composite team and first truly NZ representative national team consisting of players from Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

NZAFA President Leroy Sisnett leading the first official tour of the NZ HAKA spoke candidly of the long term planning for the sport globally ........

' is the goal of the present administration that the NZ Haka will continue to represent American Football and NZ internationally in ALL grades of football.  The Downunderbowl tournament was a fantastic experience for our senior players however it is quite evident that our U18 junior players would benefit even more to the exchange and competition with their American peers ........'

'We have congruent goals of opening the doors for increased participation for NZ internationally with the establishment of a trans Tasman exchange with our closest neighbour'

Pictoral History of the NZ HAKA


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