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Leroy Sisnett
AUCKLAND, New Zealand
  Premier Men's Competition  


Presently offered in the AFA and AFW regional competitions



The Premier Men's competition formerly known as the Senior Men's competition is the mainstay for the sport of American Football in Auckland.  The competition's in Auckland previously facilitated by the NZAFA, GNZ and then the combined organization's under the auspices of AFNZ will in the 2008 2009 season be administered by the new regional body - American Football Auckland.

In the 2005 2006 season the senior mens team's from the NZAFA stable were the: Metro Lions, Hamilton Hawks, Carlton Gridiron, Papatoetoe Wildcats and the Waitemata Titans.  The GNZ teams were the South Auckland Raiders, Manukau City Chiefs, North Harbour Pride and the Tamaki Lightning.  In the 2006 2007 the NZAFA senior men's team's were the: Carlton Gridiron, Hamilton Hawks, Metro Lions, Papatoetoe Wildcats and the GNZ teams were: the Manukau City Chiefs, North Harbour Pride, South Auckland Raiders and the Tamaki Lightning. 

In this passage of time a few of these senior mens team's would succumb to the vagaries of club administration and would not be able to continue to offer membership; the Waitemata Titans - formed by a contingent of players who lived in West Auckland and yet travelled externally to play for other clubs based in Auckland but shared the common desire to represent their area, based the club at the Waitemata Rugby Club, had an outstanding player roster however could not sustain past its first season.  The Carlton Gridiron Club based at Carlton Rugby in Greenlane enjoyed successful access to areas of sport administration unknown in the sport of American Football however with the change of club administration also could not sustain the consequences of the administrative shift.  The Manukau City Chiefs based in Manurewa with a roster of rising stars also struggled to maintain the club in the Auckland competition.

The 2007 2008 season set the template for the present Auckland competition with participating teams from the Hamilton Hawks, Metro Lions, North Harbour Pride, Papatoetoe Wildcats, South Auckland Raiders and the Tamaki Lightning offering stability in a volatile competition.  Each club and team operates to their own ethos and has their own unique brand of football, it is generally the successful application of this that will bring them ultimate title of 'CHAMPION'.

American Football Auckland Premier Men's competition:


AFA Premier Mens Champions 2008 2009 - Metro Lions Premier Men's

AFA Premier Mens Champions 2007 2008 - Papatoetoe Wildcats Premier Men's

AFA Premier Mens Champions 2006 2007 - Metro Lions Premier Men's

AFA Premier Mens Champions 2005 2006 - Metro Lions Premier Men's




The senior men's competition is the flagship grade for the AFW regional competition and continues to offer a competition for its members and all potential athletes.  The challenges faced since the inception of the Wellington based conference have been the geography of its area - catering to clubs located in inner city Wellington to the outskirts of the Hutt Valley.

Past member clubs include the Hutt Valley Chargers, Wellington Sharks and the Palmerston North Silverbacks.  The current stable of AFW clubs are the Wellington City Wolves, Porirua Knights, Hutt Valley Spartans and the Porirua Giants.  In its 19 year history the AFW senior men's legacy proudly record eras of dominance by particular clubs. 

The uniqueness of the AFW competition is that despite its vast expanse the sport has singularly had the entire region exclusively in its grasp to access increased player numbers, growth, established administration and media exposure.

The recent history of the AFW senior men's competition and its championship include winners of the once AFW 7man senior mens competition and AFW 11 man senior men's competition. 

American Football Wellington Senior Men's Competition:


AFW Capital Bowl Champions 2008 2009 - Wellington City Wolves

AFW Capital Bowl Champions 2007 2008 - Knight City Knights

AFW Capital Bowl Champions 2006 2007 - Knight City Knights

AFW Capital Bowl Champions 2005 2006 - Hutt Valley Spartans

AFW Capital Bowl Champions 2004 2005 - Porirua Giants

AFW Capital Bowl Champions 2003 2004 - Porirua Giants



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