North York Fastball League: Welcome

2018 Regular Season
Congratulations to Scout Logistics for taking 1st place in the regular season.
Congratulations to Matt Davis of the Bingos for being named MVP.
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2018 Playoffs
Results of each series:
9 vs 8 - Dieppe T Hawks vs East Toronto Jays - G1 Dieppe won 1 - 0.  G2 East Toronto won 4 - 2. G3 East Toronto won 7 - 0 to advance to play Scout Logistics.
7 vs 2 - Hollywood North vs Goulding Park - G1 Hollywood North won 9 - 6 in 8 innings.  Hollywood North won G2 3 - 0 when play completed after the original game was suspended after 5 complete innings.
6 vs 3 - Thornhill White Sox vs Pickering Panthers - G1 Pickering won 10 - 2. G2 Pickering won 9 - 8 to win the series.
5 vs 4 - Bingos vs Scarborough Lions - G1 Bingos won 3 - 2. G2 Scarborough won 3 - 1. Scarborough won 2 - 1 in G3 when play resumed in the suspended game.
8 vs 1 - East Toronto vs Scout Logistics - G1 saw Scout Logistics win 4 - 2 over East Toronto in the completion of the suspended game.  In G2 East Toronto won 4 - 2 to even the series.  G3 saw East Toronto win 6 - 3 to take the series.

East Toronto Jays vs Pickering Panthers.  G1 saw Pickering win 7 - 4. In G2 East Toronto won 6 - 4. G3 saw East Toronto defeat Pickering 9 - 2 to move on to the Finals.
Hollywood North vs Scarborough Lions.  G1 saw Hollywood North win 8 - 0.  G2 saw Hollywood North come out on top 8 - 4 to advance to the finals.
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G1 saw Hollywood North come away with an 8 - 0 victory over East Toronto.
In G2 Hollywood North continued their undefeated post season with a 7 - 1 win over East Toronto to capture their 3rd straight playoff championship.
Congratulations to Hollywood North and to East Toronto for their playoff success. 
2018 Tournament
11 teams participated in the inaugural Michael J Scott Memorial Tournament at Town Park and Crosby Park in Richmond Hill July 6th - 8th.
Congratulations to the Whitby Spinmasters who defeated Goulding Park 3 to 2 to take the A championship.
Congratulations to the Whiskey S hits who defeated Pickering Panthers 12 to 5 to take the B championship.
There were many exciting games played over the weekend that came down to the last 2 round robin games on Saturday night to settle who was going to move on to Sunday's semi final matches.
Full tournament results are posted under '18 Michael J Scott Memorial Tournament.
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2018 Executive