Sunday, July 13

Tuesday, June 10




Fishkill Little League

Shepheard Memorial Park

103 Route 82

Fishkill, New York 12524


Welcome!! On behalf of the Tournament Committee, welcome to the 2014 New York State Section 4 Junior Softball Championship hosted by Fishkill Little League. We wish to congratulate you, your team, coaches, and parents on a tremendous Little League season.

We are planning on making your stay here in the Fishkill area an enjoyable one. Upom request a list of hotels and restaurants, places to go when you are not playing will be furnished to you.

For your family and friends who will not be traveling with you, we have made a commitment to update the Section 4 Little League website as soon as possible after each game.

That website is: http://www.eteamz.com/nysection4littleleague/

The Tournament Brackets are currently on the above site and are subject to change if a team drops out or due to weather conditions.

The schedule start date is July 12 and runs thru July 14. Double headers

A Managers meeting will be held at the pavilion one hour before the start of their first game to review the tournament rules, field rules, weather delays, and review affidavits. This is a mandatory meeting.

If you have other questions or special needs please contact:

Fishkill Little League President Mike Molino (646) 302-0379 m.molina@atlascon.com                                               District 17 Administrator Fred Cantor (845) 546-3877 fredcantor@aol.com

ADA Fred Schmalz 845-702-1989

Shepheard Memorial Park Location: GPS: 103 Route 82, Fishkill NY.

Fields: Three (3) softball fields, all skin infields, and 200 foot fences and dugouts. Fields are labeled B – C – D with field D closest to the road.

Parking: At site with overflow at Baptist Church next door.

Batting Cage: Between A & B fields (by appointment)

Bathrooms: Two permanent and two portable.

Full Refreshment Stand: Please do not bring coolers

Shelter: Covered pavilion located between B and C fields. Not much shade elsewhere, plan accordingly.

Weather: Hopefully sunny; average daytime temp. is 85 degrees

Practice fields: Two skin softball fields located at Doug Phillips Park, 0.6 mile away at the Junction of Route 52 & 82 on Route 52 (by appointment). …

Friday, June 7


  1. The rules for all games will be the Tournament Rules in the Official Little League Softball Rule book.
  2. Only players in uniform will be allowed in the dugouts. No batboys or batgirls will be allowed.
  3. Thirty minutes before a game the managers shall flip a coin for home/away or dugout.
  4. The home team shall have first warm-ups for 10 minutes, then the visiting team.
  5. All bats and helmets shall be placed in front of the dugouts prior to the start of the game for umpire approval.
  6. Adults may not warm up any pitches while at the complex.
  7. Catches must wear a helmet when warming up pitches or taking infield practice.
  8. Any player, manager or coach showing un-sportsmanship shall be ejected.
  9. Line up cards shall be given to the official scorekeeper 20 minutes before the start of the game.
  10. Tournament Affidavits shall be approved at the scheduled mandatory managers meeting.
  11. The tournament directors shall be the sole responsible person whether a field is playable prior to a game.