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RAPID FIRE 16U Is Looking For Two (2) Committed Quality Players

Contact John Behler by E-Mail:   john.behler@yahoo.com           08/13/12)               CALL:   845-325-2501   


 R A P I D     F I R E     S O F T B A L L

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     The mission of the Rapid Fire organization is to provide a safe, fun environment for girls from several counties throughout the Hudson Valley, to play competitive softball at the tournament level.

          Rapid Fire's vision is to provide direction and guidance for these young ladies in their development as softball players and students as well as becoming productive members of their respective communities. We will teach the girls about commitment, leadership and respect for others as well as self.

     Rapid Fire is built on the foundation that no one player is more important than any other, and there are no short cuts to success. Hard work and sacrifice are minimum requirements, not optional suggestions. We will strive for both athletic and academic excellence and never settle for less than our very best.

     Rapid Fire will measure its success not only by wins and losses, but by personal growth and memories of a positive experiences in addition to life long friendships created, and commitment to our communities.  

 Thank You to all of our voulenteer managers,coaches and team moms. With out you we can not get it done. 

Wednesday, December 30
Rapid Fire Seeking Players

Rapid Fire 14u has 1 roster spot available contact John Behler @ 845-325-2501
Rapid Fire 16u Blue seeking 1-2 players contact Chris Fiedler @ 845-283-1324