NEW YORK PREDATORS: Predator News: Cougars take another chunk out of the Predators

Cougars take another chunk out of the Predators
- Staff Writer

The Preds ended up being shut out for the 3rd time in a row, losing by the score of 20 - 0.

The offense could put nothing together past the 5 yard line of the Cougars. The preds always found a way to shoot themselves in the foot. The Cougars struck first by with bomb the ball was deflected by the DB then bounced off the FS head and somehow managed to end up in the hands of the Cougars receiver. With the score being 6 nothing the Preds tried to get on the board with a field goal but the Cougars blocked the kick then for some reason picked up the ball in the endzone and tried to run with it. The Predators tackled the Cougar player and the ball flew out and the Preds seemed to cash in with a score but suddenly as it is in most game within the GSFL the farside official which was more then 30 yards away called a face mask. When asked by the coach which player had drawn the face mask he was told he did not need to tell him that information. A Ok???? Later on as the half was ending the Predators sacked the Cougar QB in the endzone and the ball was marked in the endzone and again when the Pred coach asked how this could not be a saftey the officials said don't argue with me or I will throw you out. No answer to why the ball was spotted in the ezone and no saftey being awarded.. OH well as it turned out the Preds really did not generate to much offense
and did not deserve to win the game.. The Preds defense played excellent ball until the last two minutes of the game. The D had 9 sacks and caused 7 turnovers but during the last two minutes broke down. The Cougars threw a bomb then recovered a kickoff and threw another bomb with about 30 seconds remaining to ice the game (Nice sportmanship) We would like ask the GSFL to schedule our first game of the year to be against these guys next year so we can return the favor.