NEW YORK PREDATORS: Predator News: Scorpions Sting the Predators

Scorpions Sting the Predators
- Staff Writer
Very sloppy play by the Predator Offense proved to be the the downfall of the team against the Scorps to the tune of 9 - 0. The Predators fumbled the ball three times and threw two interceptions during the game. They also drew many penalties which put them in bad situations all day. The Pred Defense held tight again causing a few turnovers and blocking two field goal attempts. The Scorps scored and a back out after the QB was chased from the pocket and somehow got the ball to his Fullback before getting sacked. A few missed tackles later and the Scorps were on the board. The Scorps scored again when QB Joe Yofreddo was sacked in the endzone. Hassan McCoy, Luke Davis, Anthony Polizzi, Rob Miller and Craig Litrell all excelled on defense.