NEW YORK PREDATORS: Predator News: Predators rip up the Delco Mustangs

Predators rip up the Delco Mustangs
The Predators won today on a full team effort.

The Mustangs started off by getting the ball and marching down 60 yards. At the goal line the Predators forced a fumble and Willie Dale picked it up and ran 55 yards to the Mustangs 45. The Predators drive stalled and although they moved the ball the Predators did not capitalize on there good field position until the end of the second quarter. Aldo Nagrawski got them on the board with a 25 yard field goal and a 3 - 0 lead at the half.

On the Mustangs first possession of the second half Greg Littrell sacked then stripped the ball from the Mustang qb he then rumbled in for a 35 yards score. The Predators got on the board again when after a Willie Dale interception gave the ball to the Preds at the 50. Runs by Raheem Ridley, Carl Hunter and a 18 yard run by Nicky Vitigliano then a 1 yard run for a td gave the Preds a 15 - 0 lead. The Predators capped off the scoring with a 22 yard touchdown pass from Carl Hunter to Billy Simo. Final score was Preds 21 Delco 0.