NEW YORK PREDATORS: Predator News: Panthers take a bite out of the Predators

Panthers take a bite out of the Predators
The NY Panthers defeated the NY Predators 16 to 6 in a hot humid day over in queens.

The Predators who had 165 yards of penalties just gave the Panthers to many chances. The Panthers go on the board first with a 80 yards drive ending with a 10 yard quick slant pass for a score. The panthers scored again after 45 yards in penalties and a nice 40 yard pass completion to the 10 gave them a field goal. The Panthers then hit another field goals of 47 yards and capped off there scoring with a 25 yarder. The predators scored late in the 3rd quarter after a 30 yards pass completion to James McDowell from Joe Yofreddo to the 10 yard line and then put it in with a 10 yard pass to Curtis James from Yofreddo.

Willie Dale had an Interception and Curtis James had two sacks for the Predators. Also Barry Hodge, Luke Davis, Anthony Polizzi and Kendall Blount all excelled on Defense.