NEW YORK PREDATORS: Predator News: Preds lose battle of field position then lose the game

Preds lose battle of field position then lose the game
Even though the score did not show it the Predators and Mariners played a tuff game against one another. Lots of big hits big plays and good football.

The Predators got on the board first after a botched punt attempt. Carl Hunter picked up the lose ball and rumbled 68 yards and Raheem Ridley capped it off with a 7 yard TD run. The Mariners got it's first score when after another botched punt by the Preds gave them a saftey. The Mariners scored again on in the 2nd quarter on a field goal. At the half the Preds were up 7 - 5. After a back and forth battle between the two defenses the Mariners started winning the battle of field position. Once again on another botched punt the Mariners started on the Predator 5 yards line. Three plays later they scored on a roll out pass to the WR. The Mariners made it 13 to 7 on a bootleg PAT run by the QB. After more bad field position the Mariners drove down the field about 40 yards and scored again on a 30 yards td pass to the WR then kicked the Extra point. The Mariners took a 20 to 7 lead going into the fourth quarter. The final Mariner score came with about 5 minutes remaining and they followed that up with another PAT pass to the TE. Final score Mariners 28 Predators 7.