NEW YORK PREDATORS: Predator News: Preds put the hammer on the Steelers

Preds put the hammer on the Steelers
- Staff Writer

Under very bad field conditions the Predators defeated the Steelers in a close hard hitting game 15 - 7. The Predators got on the board fisrt thanks in part to a Joe Donnelly fumble recover on a punt then a 25 yard scoring run by Raheem Ridley.

In the 2nd quarter the Predators fumbled the ball on there own 3 and the Steelers recovered then scored one play later on a QB draw. The preds came storming back led by the defense on a safety tackle by Emani Gill. With the PReds being up by two they scored again as soon as the Predators got the ball back Danny Cowhig threw a 39 yards TD pass to James McDowell to make it the score 15 to 8.

During the second half it was mostly a battle of field position with both Defenses holding tight. Both D's gave up some long runs but niether gave up a score.

The O-Line played outstanding and the Raheem Ridley and Danny Cowhig excelled on the ground. Next week is an off week then it's off to Brooklyn on the 24th.