NEW YORK PREDATORS: Charitable Functions

Thursday, May 25
Building Homes For Heros
Building Homes for Heroes assists our severely wounded and disabled veterans and their families rebuild their lives.  Many of these young men and women are coming home badly burned, with permanent and unsightly body disfigurements, missing limbs, the loss of sight or ability to walk, psychiatric conditions or paralysis.

Over 2,500 American soldiers have paid the ultimate price while fighting America’s War on Terror.  Unfortunately, the casualty list isn’t made up of only those who have lost their lives over the past four years.  More than 18,000 members of our military have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Building Homes for Heroes is committed to supporting these extraordinary men and women, with a goal to build homes for families in dire need. We believe that it’s our responsibility to support those who have been called upon to make the ultimate personal sacrifice — to protect and safeguard our country by fighting America’s War on Terror.  While Americans have differences of opinion over the war in Iraq, we feel that too many let that get in the way of supporting a unified commitment to properly care for our wounded.

MS Walk 2005
The New York Predators helped make the MS Walk a great success on Staten Island for the second year in a row. Special Thanks to all the Predators who were able to attend this year.

Helping Staten Island H.S. Football
The Predators have made several donations to the SI Tech Football Team from 2003 - 2004.

Predators lend a hand for the 2004 MS Walk on Staten Island
The New York Predators lent a hand at the annual Staten Island MS Walk last weekend 4/17/04. "It was a lot of work but it felt great being able to help out a great cause,” said Defensive Lineman Wayne Jackson. A smiling team owner Bill Simo said, "They worked us hard and fed us well, it was a great day and I hope we can do it again next year!"

The Predators are available for most charitable events during the off-season for more info on their availability email the team at

For some more pictures of the event click on Predator Pictures

The Predators hosted a charitable football game against the Brooklyn Mariners. The final score of this exciting game was 13 - 12 Mariners. All proceeds of the game went to the FDNY THOMAS R. ELSASSER FUND.

2002 Governors Bowl
The New York Predators were one of the official sponsors of the 2002 Governor bowl which pits NY state and NJ state All Star High School football players against one another.

Helping Staten Island H.S. Football
The Predators have made several donations to the Susan Wagner H.S. Football team.

Project Hospitality
The NY Predators have worked with Project Hospitality during our off season in soup kitchens on SI. The soup kitchens on SI could always use a helping hand to help distribute and cook food on the weekends. If you would like to help out contact Project Hospitality on Staten Island

Don't Speak by No Doubt

Making Headway Foundation
The GSFL and Predators held charitable games in order to help this foundation. They Support children with spinal and brain tumors

Why Me? Inc.
The GSFL and the Predators raised money to help lend a hand to this charity which Supports families who have lost or who have children with cancer.

Adoption Resource Center
The GSFL and NY Predators made monetary donations to this fine charity. The Adoption Resource Center finds homes for children waiting to be adopted.

Paterson Instructional Football League
Mike Harris our league founder is on the board of directors. The Predators and the GSFL partnered to make monetary contributions to the league