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FIA’s Training Philosophy

The following workout is the first in a series of football based training series that are geared to the athlete that may not have a lot of time to devote to training. These workouts were designed with the NY Predators in mind, we are aware that many of you have full time jobs and families that must come first. With that said the first four week cycle is more of a re-introduction for your body, most significant is your cardiovascular system, joints, tendons, ligaments, not the muscle. Remember you are no longer in your late teens or early twenties. Your body has become less elastic and more open to simple injuries. In a sport like contact football not only must your muscles be strong but you must strengthen many of the secondary and stabilization muscles along with increasing the flexibility and overall strength of your joints. Please read below for full understanding of the training philosophy and the programs that result from it. When working out in preparation for football you must understand football is a total body sport based on explosion, power, speed, balance, and technique. Most previously accepted training methods have players only doing some or one of those things listed above. Even if the program has a player doing a number of these things they are rarely, if ever, doing them all and in proper coordination in relation to the sport. The most often seen programs are based on a “push-pull” system, having all the muscles that push out grouped together and all the ones that pull in together. Legs are split up on different days and these programs hail the “power-lifts” as the “secret” to becoming a better athlete. Yes squats and bench press are great exercises but most people are only familiar with the structure and form that was designed by very popular bodybuilding ideas. Think common sense, in a game of football when do you have time to perfectly set your feet shoulder’s length apart and drive your opponent perfectly straight up into the air with their weight balanced on your back??? When do you get to squarely balance an opponent across your chest with your body weight supported by a metal, padded bench?? The list goes on. The training methods and programs we have designed at FIA take into consideration that for a football player to be a “stronger” player, on the field, they must have power, be able to explode, increase speed, and do this instantaneously while off-balance. The technique, no matter the position, must stay intact, they need to be stable when off balanced, explode and change direction within a fraction of a second, and their body must be able to handle all this without succumbing to injuries! We do not attempt to claim that you will become a NFL caliber player overnight, nor will you never sustain an injury by using our methods. But what we can tell you is that there is no training out there that takes inconsideration all the multiple facets of the game of football and better prepares you. Remember the workouts presented here are very general, not position specific, and they are designed for any position to become stronger, faster, and more balanced. The workouts may seem “easy” or “low-level” in the beginning, but also remember we know where you want to be physically, and we know that it must start with a strong foundation. It is useless for your quad to be strong and powerful if the tendons and ligaments around the knee are weak! It will not help you to bench 450lbs once if you get winded by running 15 yards. Football perhaps is the most balanced physical sport; your training should be too! If you have questions on the workouts presented or want more information about FIA training clinics that are set up privately for your Team contact your team owner or myself at - John M. Billington IV President of FIA, LLC

Intro to workout: Please read in full The first four weeks of your training will re-introduce your body to training. Even if you have been lifting previously this is a good workout to throw in. The main concept of this program is two fold: 1. Joints 2. Cardiovascular Condition. 1. Joints By creating a total body workout we are simulating the entire body working synergistically, at a low intensity level, but at a high endurance regiment. Just as you would have to use all your body parts and muscles during a practice or game the same is mimicked here. The low weights and high reps get the joints moving in multiple directions and in coordination with multiple muscle groups. There is a heavy emphasis on stretching, and what is now known as pre-hab. Pre-hab's main function is to do rehabilitation stretching and exercises before you are injured. When you sustain an injury the stretching/exercises are designed to strengthen and increase the flexibility of the injured area. Common sense has prevailed in recent years that if we do these workouts before an injury occurs we can decrease the probability of sustaining that injury. This workout does not specifically list the pre-hab exercises or stretching routines but you can contact FIA for more in-depth instruction. The exercises and pace of this workout is strongly suited to work in conjunction with pre-hab philosophies. It also helps the joints, ligaments, and tendons, as well as secondary/stabilizing muscle groups to get acclimated with weight resist and fatigue training. 2. Cardiovascular Condition Below you will read a short description on how to perform this workout. You may feel that it is very cardio heavy, it is. Remember your heart is a muscle and it needs to be trained like any other muscle. This maybe even more important for heavy lineman that carry allot of excess weight. Although your lungs bring oxygen into your body it is your heart that distributes it into the blood. Your blood is the main source for all nutrients, including oxygen, to get to your muscles. It is also the main source that carries all waste out of your muscles. When you exert your body to the levels that football needs you to, and to the levels that training requires you to, you need your heart and lungs to be prepared. Most people wait until the season begins then feel like hell the first few weeks. After that the body gets use to it and you feel as if "you are in shape". In reality your body has increased its pain threshold and adapted to training with a less productive cardiovascular system. This gives you the illusion that you can "handle" the workouts. Preparing your body properly won't make the pain and tiredness of football go away, however it will allow your body to more efficiently get nutrients to the muscles and get waste out of your system. The effects of proper off-season training are truly felt from mid-season on not always immediately in training camp. From mid-season on is when most peoples' bodies start to quit on them, injuries become more prevalent, bodyweight drops, and overall strength lessen. If your body has been properly prepared it will be able to better handle the stress you put it through during the season, thus becoming stronger from the sport not weakened by it.

Handout: Fitness Advisory Workout

Sunday, July 9
Injury Insurance

Good Afternoon Bill:

Thank you for the opportunity to send your football team information on State Farm’s Hospital Income Policy. For most of us, a trip to a hospital or doctor will mean extra expenses for a variety of things that may not be covered by our primary health insurance policy.

Things like:

    • Deductibles and Co-insurance
    • Private Room and Private Duty Nursing Fees
    • Transportation
    • Long Distance Phone Calls       Child Care
    • Lawn & House Care
    • Meals Out
    • Pet Care       
      State Farm cares about the health of local athletes and our very competitive Hospital Income Policy is $5.68 a month.

Other things you'll like about our Hospital Income Policy:

    • Benefits start the first day of waiting period...and benefits are payable for up to one year.
    • Unless you tell us otherwise, or benefits are assigned according to state law, benefits are paid directly to you. You decide how the money is spent.
    • Family coverage is available for you, your spouse, and your children.
    • This policy is written on an Individual not a Group Medical basis.
    • Premium does not change regardless of claims.

A Brief Story of a Policyholder- A Semi-Pro football player paying $ 5.68 a month sprained his thumb and went to a local Medicus for X-rays. His bills came to $95.00 after an examination and a splint. He then submitted the claim and State Farm gave him $500.00 to pay his bill with an extra $405.00 to pocket.  

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 Brian Daly
 & State Farm Insurance Companies

Handout: Injury Insurance