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How to access this site

How to access this site
Getting access to all areas of this site takes only a few minutes. Follow these steps or go to BE A MEMBER in the left menu under epointz.
   1. Go to DISTRICT STAFF on the menu
   2. It will ask if you have an existing account or if you need to sign up
   3. If you have an existing account in your own league, enter your user name and password. I will receive a message that you are looking for access to the site.
   4. If you do not have an user name and password, create an account and then repeat steps 1-4. I will receive a message.
   5. Once you have followed the above, I will grant you access and you will be able to view all areas of the site based on the access that I give you. In your message asking for access let me know what League you are a member of and status: board member (title), manager (division), coach (division), parent etc.