NY District 13 Little League: 2014 Tournament Resources

Thursday, June 5
2014 Tournament Resources

All 2014 tournament resources are available under the "Handout" tab on the menu at the right side of the page.

Please take note of the following:

  • · Teams entering the Section 3 advancing (9/10, 10/11, and 11/12) tournaments need only to complete the 2014 LLB  Affidavit. These teams are Colonie, Pine Bush and Tri-Village
  • · All other teams for all of the ‘non-advancing’ District-sponsored tournaments will complete the 2014 District 13 Tournament Affidavit. The Word version of this document is attached so you can type in the information – if you so choose. The typed versions are preferred but we will accept handwritten rosters – provided they are legible.
  • · For the City & County tournaments you only need to provide a copy of the regular season roster for you Championship team. No special forms are required.
  • · The tournament schedules will be prepared and released AFTER all of the teams are certified and entered. This will help to avoid problems with multiple schedules being done with team additions and deletions after the schedules are released. The City & County schedules will be released by early next week.
  • · We will use the affidavits to compile a list of contact persons, phone #’s and e-mail addresses that will be circulated to all League Presidents. It is important that your Player Agents ensure that the information on the affidavits is complete and accurate.