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New York District 13 Little Leagues
New York District 13 consists of the following 7 leagues in Albany County, New York. Albany National, Albany American, Tri-Village, Colonie, Guilderland, Bern-Knox-Westerlo and Hudson Valley.

New York Little League Section Alignment Map
See the new six Section alignment for New York Little League

NY Little League District Champions

11-12 year-olds from 1958-2013; 10-11 year-olds from 2004-2013; 9-10 year-olds from 1994-2013.  The current ...

Tuesday, February 28
Little League Approved Composite Bat List
Click on the above link to access the 2012 Little League approved composite bat list.  Composite bats not on this list cannot be used for Litttle League play.

Concussion Information for Little League Volunteers

It is essential that each league review this material in order to understand its responsibilities regarding when and how to address concussions.

Birth Certificates
Little League requires a birth certificate as proof of age for all players participating in Little League, sponsored ...

District 13 League Boundary Maps
The official District 13 Little League boundary maps are now available.  Click on League Boundary Maps on the menu at the right.

New York State Association of District Administrators