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Friday, July 22
NW Storm SC + iSoccer

NW Storm SC + iSoccer

NW Storm SC is excited to partner with iSoccer!

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How do I get Started?

Go to www.isoccer.org/NWStormSC and click either "Coaches" or "Players" to Register your account with your Teams (or coaches can enter teams). Once Registered, click on the assessment tab to learn how to measure your iSoccer Level!

What is iSoccer?

iSoccer, the Leader of the National Standards Project, is an online training platform that motivates players of all ages and abilities to improve their technical skills. A revolutionary program, iSoccer uses standardized testing, web technology, and competitive learning to drive positive, objective results.

How does iSoccer Help Our Players?

  1. iSoccer Motivates

    The iSoccer Assessment is a standardized test that measures overall technical ability. We'll use the results to motivate our players to improve and achieve the next level!

  2. iSoccer Empowers

    520+ Training Videos guide our players allowing them to target specific skills for improvement. The videos can be downloaded to mobile devices and organized into training sessions. Our coaches can communicate with their players through iSoccer sending out videos and messages as 'homework' to help them train more effectively on their own.

  3. iSoccer Informs

    Analysis Tools allow our players, coaches and DOCs to compare scores across the Club in different ways. Scores do not have to be public, but Clubs across the country are using them for fun competitions, which focus more on technical development than winning at all costs, and so will we! In addition, through the National Standards Project, we see how our players compare to average scores from other players across the U.S.

  4. iSoccer Improves

    We will use iSoccer to build a fun, yet effective culture of development for all of our players. Over time, we will have data to verify that we are improving technically, and indeed, Raising our Level!


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