NW Storm Soccer: What is club soccer?

Club Soccer

The value of club soccer is that players and parents have access to higher level of coaching, year round soccer, opportunities to play at a higher level of competition, and exposure to various venues. It is typically through club soccer where players get recognition and exposure to college opportunities.

Club soccer is not for every soccer player or soccer parent. NW Storm only considers players who have a passion for the game and are coachable. Not every child can compete at the high level that is required for club soccer.

Because the opportunity for club soccer is year round, Storm coaches are able to build on fundamental skills during regular season and off season training sessions. Club coaches often encourage players to get additional touches on the ball during down time to build stronger soccer players.  This commitment by the players often seperates the occasional recreation player from the truly passionate soccer player.

Parents commitment is equally as important as player commitment. Parents cannot be looking for the "silver bullet". They must understand that a player's development is not instantaneous but occurs over many seasons of proper instruction and play along with positive reinforcement from parents and coaches.

In  club soccer each player is an integral part of the team, and a team's success "on and off" the field is not dependent on just one or two players, but the entire squad and the level of passion for the game that each player holds. One of the strengths of club soccer is building teamwork, respect for each player and the pride in having ownership within the club. Every player will be involved in activities within the club. This helps develop the long term friendship of many players throughout the club.