NW Youth Soccer Association: General Info


1]  Playing Year
Mission Statement
3]  Teamwork And Sportsmanship
4]  Special Requests
5]  Attendance
6]  Conduct, Alcohol And Smoking
7]  Inclement Weather
8]  Standings And Awards
9]  Team Gear Issue
10]  Fields Maintenance And Equipment
11]  Head Coach
12]  Assistant Coach
13]  Coach Development
14]  Team Manager
15]  Assistant Team Manager
16]  Payment Related
17]  Donations
18]  Fundraising
19]  Operating Expenses
20]  Poaching And Divulging Information
21]  Problem Resolution
22]  Constructive Feedback
23]  Changes

1]  Playing Year

The 2018-2019 Playing Year, similar to a school year, will include the 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring Seasons.

2]  Mission Statement

The goal of the volunteer run NWYSA program is to provide children a fun time within a teaching and learning environment no matter the child's abilities, providing each child the opportunity to learn the game of soccer through the development of individual skill, fitness, teamwork and fair play.

3]  Teamwork And Sportsmanship

Everyone’s help is needed to create a positive experience where children can learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship while at the same time learning to play the game of soccer.  Coaches, parents and referees have a responsibility to be good role models.  Players, coaches, parents and referees must all show respect towards each other.  A child needs to put forth their best effort for themselves and team and win or lose as tough as this may be at times remember soccer is just a game.

4]  Special Requests

Special Requests that are submitted on the player signup form by the stated deadline will be considered and honored where practical and taking in consideration team parity.  Teams will not intentionally be formed that are clearly older or obviously more talented than other teams in the same division.  This is to promote healthy competition and enjoyment of the season for all members.  Placement Requests by the parent are honored in the following priority:  1) Practice night availability, should there be conflict with a relative or friend request the practice night availability will take precedent.  2) Relative request, if in the same division.  3) Friend request, if in the same division, a primary and secondary friend can be requested.  Should it not be possible to honor the primary friend request an attempt to honor the secondary friend request will be made.  4) Head Coach, can request their practice night/s along with a relative or friend request.

5]  Attendance

Players should make every effort to be at each practice and game if possible even if needing to arrive late or leave early.  If a player needs to miss a practice or game a parent needs to let their Head Coach and Team Manager know in advance, more than a day if possible.  In the case of needing to miss a game due to an injury depending on the severity of the player’s injury possibly still attend the game to support their team.

6]  Conduct, Polices, Alcohol And Smoking

It is the responsibility of each member and spectator in attendance at any activity to conduct themselves in a civil manner.  Anyone who exhibits behavior tendencies which are detrimental to the enjoyment of the others at an activity will be required to leave.   All members are expected to adhere to the program’s polices and instructions along with treating the program staff, team staff and fellow members with appropriate civility and conduct whether it be on or off the field.  Failure to do so will result in being dropped from the program without refund.  No alcohol or smoking is permitted at the field locations.

7]  Inclement Weather

If field conditions warrant Director may contact the Head Coaches and cancel a day’s practices.  If weather conditions warrant or an unforeseen situation arises a Head Coach may cancel their team’s practice.  In either case your Head Coach will notify you ASAP in advance, call or text.  A team’s Head Coach and parents can decide if they want to re-schedule the practice.

Sessions & Games

If field or weather conditions warrant Director may contact the Head Coaches and cancel a day’s activities.   In which case your Head Coach will notify you ASAP in advance, call or text.  In addition, the decision will be posted on our website’s Home Page and an email will be sent to each family.  All session and game cancel and re-schedule decisions will be made by the Director.  If needed, a day's activities start times may be pushed out up to 1.5 should the inclement weather be predicted break.  If a day's activities have to be canceled they will be re-scheduled if possible.    

Lighting & Thunderstorm
At first sighting a practice, session and game must be suspended and players moved to an indoor location, car, building, etc. and the practice, session or game not resumed until 30 minutes have elapsed after the last sighting.  If suspended for more than an hour the activity will be canceled.  All activities must be canceled during a thunderstorm warning.


All activities must be canceled during a watch or warning.

8]  Standings And Awards

Division Standings
No division standings will be kept. 

Under 3 Through Under 12 Player Season Dedication Award
All players who fulfill their team and program obligations along with completing the season will be presented a Player Season Dedication Award including those players prevented from doing so as the result of an illness or injury.  This is not a participation award, it is an award to recognize a player's dedication to team and season.

Sponsorship Appreciation Award
Will be presented to a sponsor at the conclusion of the season by a team's player and Head Coach or parent.

9]  Team Gear Issue

A Head Coach will be issued the below team gear each season and will be responsible for returning the items, cleaned, on the designated date and time.  A Head Coach can submit a request to replace an item that is no longer usable due to normal usage wear or damage, item needing to be replaced must accompany request.  The Head Coach will be responsible for replacing any missing or misused item.  Under 3/4 Teams will be issued a special team gear issue appropriate to their age.

* Bag, Team:  1
* Balls:  TBD  (one ball per pair of players)  (Under 10 and older players must provide their own ball)
* Board, Coach W/Dry Erase Marker:  1
* Cones, Ground:  20  (more can be requested)
* Gloves, Keeper:  1
* Head Gear, Keeper:  1  (if requested)
* Jersey, Keeper:  1  
* Kit, First Aid:  1
* Pump, Ball W/Needles:  1
* Vests, Practice:  TBD  (2 sets of colors)
* Whistle, Coach W/Lanyard:  1
* Team Bench:  1-2  (if traveling team)

10]  Field Maintenance And Equipment

Fields Maintenance
Each family and team is responsible for helping to maintain their field area and used complex area during any of its activities such as post activity clean-up and forgotten items pick-up.

Field Equipment
Each family and team is responsible for helping to maintain used field equipment during any of its activities.  Not hanging on the goals, nets, etc. and for helping to repair any field equipment damaged and replacing any field equipment that cannot be repaired as the result of their team's misuse.

11]  Head Coach

* Experience:  Have a soccer background and if not have a willingness to development as a soccer coach
* Requirement:  Successfully complete risk management background check before start of first season
* Parameters, Conduct & Responsibilities:  Implement own philosophies, providing these philosophies do not
   contradict the program’s, help team to conduct itself in appropriate manner and adhere to the program’s polices and instructions
* Language:  Must be able to coach in common language in which all the children on team speak and understand
* Player Injury:  Should a player get injured at a practice or game, complete and return NWYSA Player Injury Form within 48 hours 
* In the event there are too many requests to be a Head Coach in a division the person's experience, certification, past performance,
   past cooperation, date request was submitted, etc. are some of the factors in determining who will be assigned as a Head Coach   
* Multiple Activity Parent:  If Involved In Multiple Activities Contact NWYSA Before Committing To Being A Head Coach 
* Non-Parent Head Coaches Pay:  TBD

12]  Assistant Coach

* Experience:  Have a soccer background and if not have a willingness to development as a soccer coach
* Requirement:  Successfully complete risk management background check before start of first season
* Parameters, Conduct, Responsibilities & Etc:  Help the Head Coach to perform these duties
* Play Time Management:  Help to insure the program's guidelines are met to the best of their ability
* Language:  Must be able to coach in common language in which all the children on team speak and understand
* Attendance:  When possible assist Head Coach along with filling in as team’s Head Coach when needed

13]  Coach Development

* Clinics:  Go To Activities Page
* Courses:  Go To Coaches Page
* Handouts:  Go To Flyers, Handouts, Forms Page
* Laws-Rules:  Go To Game Rules Page
* Websites:  Go To Links Page

14]  Team Manager

* Requirements:  Have access to a cellular phone, computer and internet
* Responsibilities:  Handle some of team’s administrative off the field duties, collecting/distributing Information, end of
   game drink/snack schedule, so Head Coach can dedicate more time to coaching

15]  Assistant Team Manager

* Requirements, Responsibilities:  When possible assist Team Manager along with filling in as Team Manager when needed

16]  Payment Related

Must be made through website’s Online Page, PayPal, or by mail, check or money order.  Under no circumstances must cash be mailed or given to any team or program staff member at the fields or elsewhere. 

Under 10 Through Under 15 Team Guest Player
If needed, are required to pay $5 per game.

Early Signup Discount
There will be an early signup period before each season when a player can get a $10 discount.  Both the player's signup form and fee must sent by the stated deadline.

Late Fee
There will be a late signup period when a player needs to pay a late fee.  $10 (Under 3 through Under 9 Players) or $15 (Under 10 through Under 15 Players).

Family Multiple Child Discount
When signing up more than one player during a season the 2nd player receives a $10 discount and 3rd or more player receives a $15 discount.  The exception being if signing-up a player during an early signup period.

Sponsor Find Discount
For each team-program sponsor find a player receives a $30 discount if sent during an early signup period or $20 if sent during a later signup period.  If your team-program sponsor find is a two team or two season sponsor your second discount is $20 if sent during an early signup period or $10 if sent during a later signup period. 

Head Coach Discount
If a parent signs-up to be a Head Coach for a season one player on the team they're coaching plays for FREE.

Parent Deployed Discount
If a player has a parent who is serving in the U.S. Armed Forces which is deployed to a Combat Zone, proof must be provided, the player plays for FREE.

School Formed Team Discount
If meeting all NWYSA requirements each player on the team receives a $10 discount.  Contact NWYSA for requirements.

Payment Arrangement
If a parent is unable to pay a player’s entire fee at the time of signing-up a payment arrangement can be made.  A portion of the player’s fee must be paid by the last regular signup date with the balance being paid by the 4th week of the season. 

Program Help Discount
If a parent is willing to help with a on or off the field season or playing year project a discount or scholarship amount can be discussed. 

Hardship Discount & Scholarship
A player may be given a player fee reduction or scholarship depending on their family’s financial situation.  Factors in deciding what help might be able to be given to a player:  Program’s seasonal budget, how many player fee reductions and scholarships have already been given, which players are most in need, which players have been given help in a past season and possibly other factors.  It is best to submit a hardship request as early as possible once a season's signups have begun.

If a player is injured before the regular signup period ends a refund will be issued.   If after the regular signup period ends through the first half of the season a partial credit will be given.  A copy of the Doctor's note must accompany the injury refund or credit request.  Refunds and credits will be issued once the season has concluded. 

If you are due a credit, overpaid, found a team sponsor after paying, volunteered to be a Head Coach after paying, whatever reason, note season and reason at the bottom of your next season's signup form and pay accordingly. 

Once the regular signup period has ended, when the majority of the seasonal expenses have been committed or invested into the season, should a player quit their team or be dropped from the program no refund will be issued. 

17]  Donations

A person, company or organization can make a donation to the program to help cover or offset a player’s fee or team’s expenses.

18]  Fundraising

May be organized during a season to help cover a season’s expenses due to not being able to fully cover them through the player fees and sponsor donations.  In addition to in the event non parent paid Head Coaches are needed or other unexpected costs arise.  Optional.


If a team would like to do a team fundraiser to help cover or offset a team on or off the field related soccer expense its welcome to do so as long as no family on the team is required to participate.  If approved by the Director in advance and at the conclusion of the team fundraiser a team fundraiser report is given to the Director for record.  Should a player quit or be dropped from the team their funds would be forfeited to the team.  Should a team quit or be dropped by the program their funds would be forfeited to the program.  

19]  Playing Year And Between Season Operating Expenses

* Administration:  Banking, Communications, Equipment, Government, Postage, Promo, Storage, Supplies, Website, Related
* Attorney-Legal:  Related
* Carry Over:  Expenses From Previous Period, Playing Year Or Season
* Computer:  Unit, Programs, Repair, Tools,  Related
* Fields:  Development, Equipment, Maintenance, Marking, Repair, Tools, Use, Related
* Entries:  Related
* Guest & Non Volunteer Coaches:  Fees, Related
* League, State & National Offices:  Background Checks, Entry, Insurance, Membership, Supplies, Related
* Players:  Awards, Discounts, Gear, Motivational, Training, Uniforms, Related
* Referees:  Education, Fees, Related
* Teams:  Awards, First Aid Supplies, Gear, Training, Related
* Team Staffs:  Discounts, Education, Memberships, Training, Training Materials, Wear, Related
* Tournaments:  Entry, Related
* Sponsors:  Awards, Gifts, Related 
* Unforeseen:  Minor And Major On And Off The Field Unforeseen Costs, Related

20]  Poaching And Divulging Information

If you are contacted indirectly or directly or are aware of a NWYSA member who has been contacted indirectly or directly by a representative of another program or a NWYSA member acting on behalf another program attempting to entice yourself or another NWYSA member to leave the program during the playing year notify both your Head Coach and NWYSA Director.  A member involved in this inappropriate action will be dropped from the program without refund.

Personal Benefit
No NWYSA member may try to influence another NWYSA member in any manner to play outside the NWYSA during a playing year for personal benefit.  A NWYSA member involved in this inappropriate action will be dropped from the program without refund. 

Divulging Information
Any NWYSA ember divulging personal information, for example team roster information, they’ve been entrusted with will be dropped from the program without refund and may face legal action.  Personal information must be used strictly for NWYSA seasonal and playing year program purposes only.

21]  Problem Resolution

Should you have a team level on, for example play time, or off, for example not always being updated by Head Coach, the field issue out of courtesy please talk to your Head Coach before contacting the Director.  If you are not able to resolve your team level issue then contact the Director.  If a program level issue please contact both your Head Coach and Director.  Please do not involve other members with your issue.

22]  Constructive Feedback

In an effort to improve the program and make each season a more enjoyable experience for everyone it’s vital to receive input on what you think might be done to better achieve these goals.  Also what you might be willing to do to help the program.  Constructive Feedback is needed for the program to move forward and fulfill its mission.   Suggestions should be what helps the program as a whole.

23]  Changes

Program information and polices will be updated after each season and playing year.  If an unexpected situation should arise
during a season program information and policies may be revised during the course of the season.