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Tuesday, December 2

Welcome to Northwestern Softball web site!



Quote for the day:

"A leader is not someone who will do good and look down at others; a leader is someone who will do good and help others who can't.."   

Tip of the Day:

Treat workouts and practices like important appointments. Be selfish about your training. If achieving your goals is your number one priority, why do you sometimes relegate it at the end of your to-do list? I suspect it’s because you can’t feel the damage done when we miss one workout or practice. Well, I assure you: your body is keeping score and someday, you’ll have to pay for it. The more often you miss the longer it will take before you achieve your goals. Only miss a workout or a practice if you have absolutely no other choice.


 Online registration and payment option for Player Clinics!

Check out the Player Clinic page!

Mid Summer Bash Tournament 2015 Announced!

Online entry and Payment availible!!! Check TOURNAMENT page




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