North Wilkes-Barre Little League: My Site News: Why Tryouts?

Monday, February 25
Why Tryouts?

We would like to take a moment to explain the reason for Tryouts. Every season we are asked, "I didn't think you had to tryout to be involved in Little League, doesn't everyone make a team?"

The answer is... YES. Everyone will be placed on a team. 

There are a couple of reasons why coming to tryouts is important. Primarily, tryouts are needed to ensure the safety of your player. We try our best to put the players on a "skill appropriate" team so they can learn the fundamentals and have a safe season. If a player is not ready to "move up," we will speak with you about our concerns. This is a positive and should not be viewed as a negative. We would rather see a child learn the game and enjoy playing, rather than get injured and then have a fear of the ball or game. This will help build confidence in your player.

Another reason we conduct tryouts is to avoid having "stacked" teams. Kids seem to rise to the occasion. Yes, there are talented players and you will notice them in the first several days when practice begins. Our goal is to build teams that become cohesive and to teach the players about sportsmanship, comraderie, and responsibility to a team. Having stacked teams does not allow for this.

We look forward to coaching your player and will try our best to make it a fun, safe, and memorable season. Please bring your glove and sneakers, no cleats yet. In the event that the weather is nice, we may take the players outside for a few drills so please bring a hoodie or sweatshirt. Tryouts are not the NFL combines you see on TV. There are some basic fundamental drills that we run to get a look at the players. Tell your player not to be intimidated or nervous....

This is baseball.... HAVE FUN!