North Wilkes-Barre Little League: My Site News: Win $100 Gift Card!!

Sunday, January 6
Win $100 Gift Card!!

To All Parents: NWB LL has started a new program where current players will have the chance of WINNING a $100 Gift Card to Dick's Sporting Goods by just recruiting new players to sign-up for baseball/softball.

Please read the details below and let your children know so they can begin recruiting NEW players. This applies to NEW recruits or ones that did not play in 2012, but are still eligible - Tee Ball through Teeners.


Buddy Baseball Benefit

How does it work?

Returning NWBLL players that recruit “NEW” players into our League will qualify for a $100 gift card from Dick's Sporting Goods.

How do you qualify?

A “NEW” player upon registration will let us know the name of the NWBLL player that recruited he or she. How do you WIN? The NWBLL recruiter's name will go into a hat for each player that they have the more recruits, the more chance of winning.

On Opening Day, a name will be pulled out of a hat, and that child will win a $100 gift card from Dick's S.G. Courtesy of NWBLL.

Kid's, Recruit your buddies!!!!!

Rules: All newly recruited players must reside in our NWB LL area.