NWAF-Northwest AquaForce: Welcome

Welcome to the NW AquaForce Swim Team

The new team website is up and running. please check there for any new information. the address is www.teamunify.com/mnnha 


The 2012-13 swim season starts on Tuesday September 18th.

Practice Times

            Novice              Age Group           Senior

 Sun    4:30-5:30          5:30-7:00          4:00-6:00

Tues    6:15-7:15           6:15-7:45           7:00-8:30

Thur   5:30-6:30           5:30-7:00          6:30-8:30

Fri      none                   5:45-7:00          5:15-6:45


This web page will not be updated this season. We will be launching a new website on Tuesday September 25th that will have all the information you need. Please check the team facebook page for more information.



 Scroll down for the NEW 2011-12 brochure and Pure Blue Discount Info 


Home of The AquaForce 

Northwest YMCA, New Hope, MN

We are a competitive swim team open to all age group swimmers 5 to 18 years old. Our goal is to make swimming fun while improving a swimmer's technique, competitive skills and endurance, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to the YMCA core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, and Honesty. We promote personal progression over intense competition. All swimmers are welcome and encouraged to participate.


Give it a try! You just might achieve what you never thought you could!


Aquatic Director: Pauline Alba 

Head Coach: PJ Ahler 

Assistant Coaches: Molly Quinn-Jensen, Stephanie Hengst


The AquaForce Cheer

I am, the Force, and I am proud!

I say it once, I say it loud,

I am the Force, and I am proud!

(repeat 2x getting progressively louder)






Handout: 2011-12 Handout Documents

Thursday, September 16
Pure Blue Team Web Site

The AquaForce Pure Blue web site is up and running. Click on the link, top right corner of this page, to access the AquaForce page then scroll down and follow the directions. To receive the team discount, enter the code PBTEAM15 in the coupon code box.

Team suits are shown on that page and can be ordered either on-line through this page (see above), by phone, or at their store in Plymouth (be sure to mention you're with the New Hope YMCA AquaForce). The team receives a cash donation on all orders placed through the web site, or in the store when you mention the store. These funds will go toward awards and the year end banquet.