North Valley Youth Soccer League- San Jose, CA: Coaches Corner

Thank you for your commitment to NVYSL, the kids, family and our community.  There are many recources to leverage for training and conducting yourself in a coaching role, and many resources of experience around the league to watch and learn from.  The first step of committing to coach, is the biggest and watching the children grow is the most fulfulling.  

A great resource to start with is the Official Youth Coaching Soccer Manual from US Soccer.  Additionally CCSL/CYSA has great resources also.


Player Registration Form 1601 - Player information and insurance release. Coaches must carry a signed copy of these for every player for both practices and games.  This includes guest players.

Player Transfer 1606 - Used to transfer any CCSL registered player to your team.  Require departing coach signature.

Coach Registration Form 1650 - Adult Registration and Risk Management Disclosure. Must be filled out for anyone on coaches sideline including coaches, assistants and managers if on sideline.

Foriegn Translation Document 1627 - Explains documents in other languages 

Player cards for every player must be signed by parent, laminated and made before the season.  These cards must be brought to every game for ref check-in. This includes guest players. 

Guests: Player card and 1601 are required for all CCSL game guests.  On occasion a player may require other league US Soccer or Norcal guest forms and parent and coach signature. 

Golden Rod is the official roster for the team printed by our registrar.  A current roster must be kept with player cards and 1601 and my be required to check teams into tournaments. 

Field Setup Information: Coaches and Managers are responsible for set up and put away as well as cleaning after last game.  The goals and other field items are set up by first game and put away by last game.  Check the field page for more information.

Competitive Program FAQ:


  • How much does competitive soccer cost? On average $200 to $300 a season per player.
  • What are the costs? Uniform for first season run $50-$80, league is $125 and tournaments run $25-$75 each.
  • How far do I have to travel? There are 8 to 10 games/season. 4 to 5 are played on North Valley Fields and 4 to 5 on other fields in the Bay Area (most travel is 20 to 30 mins top)
  • How often are practices? Usually 2 days a week and most coaches hold 1.5 - 2 hour practices.
  • Do they play in Tournaments? Yes most coaches do have their teams play in 2-3 tournaments per season, but it is each coaches choice.
  • Are there games on both Saturday and Sunday? Yes they can be. Tournaments have games on both weekend days.


If you have any further questions contact Jim Merten our Comp Coordinator    

Coaching Resource Center

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US Soccer Player Development Guidelines
CYSA Team Manual
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Tryout Form (for competitive Teams)
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Coaching Courses for both Recreational and Competitive Coaches
2014 coaching resources for youth license application
Responsible Parents - Great Resource for Player Parents

Olympic Development Program for Players and Coaches

Player Poaching Rules - Don't do it! 

CCSL Coaching Policies 

Series F coaching Course 

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