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Tuesday, May 29
Welcome to Essex Youth Football !

This is the official home of the Essex Chargers!  


The Essex Youth Football team program operated for the benefit of the youth of the Essex area. Our objectives as coaches is to provide youth, regardless of sex, race, creed, or nationality, the opportunity to play football for fun, in a positive and safe environment. We strive to coach each participant the fundamentals of football as well as sportsmanship, teamwork, self discipline, physical fitness, friendship, leadership, and many other valuable life skills. Above all the safety of each player is our NUMBER ONE priority. We are a non-profit, volunteer based organization dedicated to the youth of our community.

The Northern Vermont Youth Football League(NVYFL) and its 14 teams are continuously looking for added help and support. If your interested in becoming involved please feel free to contact us. 

To contact us, please email

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Wednesday, August 17
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