Northern Vermont Youth Football League: 2017 Handouts

2017 NVYFL Directory

This is the 2017 NVYFL Directory. This document holds contact information for each team.

2017 Updated Directory2017 Updated Directory

2017 Schedules

Here you will find the 2017 season schedule.
Note- 5/6 grade Division 1 has the same schedule as 7/8 grade

2017 Updated Schedule2017 Updated Schedule

2017 League Meetings

This is where everyone can view the league meeting minutes

February 2017February 2017

March 2017March 2017

April 2017April 2017

May 2017May 2017

June 2017June 2017

2017 Player Registration Form

This is the official 2017 player registration form for use in the NVYFL, and must be used by all teams

2017 Player Registration Form2017 Player Registration Form

2017 Official League Roster

All teams must use this format to submit their rosters at the Jamboree. Please print this document and bring this completed to the Jamboree

2017 Official League Roster2017 Official League Roster

2017 Insurance Plan

This is where you will find what the NVYFL insurance plan covers for 2017

2017 USA Football Coverage2017 USA Football Coverage

2017 League Rules

This is where you can find rules for both 7/8 and 5/6 formats

5_6 Rules5_6 Rules

7_8 Rules7_8 Rules

More Handouts: