Northern Vermont Youth Football League: Handouts

2016 Raffle Winners

2016 Raffle Winners2016 Raffle Winners

2016 NVYFL 7/8 Playoff Brackets

Playoff Week 2 Division 2Playoff Week 2 Division 2

Playoff Week 2 Division 1Playoff Week 2 Division 1

NVYFL Contact Directory

This is the directory for NVYFL team and league contacts. The document is in Acrobat and was last updated 8/24/16. If you find any errors or are unable to reach someone please email

2016 Directory 8-24-16a2016 Directory 8-24-16a

2016 Board/Coaches Meeting Minutes

The board and coaches meet monthly during the off season (November through July/August). Below you will find the minutes for 2016.

March 2016March 2016

April 2016April 2016

May 2016 MinutesMay 2016 Minutes

June 2016June 2016

NVYFL Bylaws

The NVYFL Bylaws may be found below in MSWord or Acrobat.



2016 NVYFL Registration Form

This is the official 2016 player registration form for use in the NVYFL, and must be used by all teams.


Flag Schedule

2016 Flag Schedule2016 Flag Schedule


These are the official NVYFL Tackle Rules, which augment the NFHS rules used as a base for the league. Last updated 2016.

We have also included below a quick tip sheet for the officials. This tip sheet shows the NVYFL rules that are different from the high school rules.



Rule Tips for OfficialsRule Tips for Officials

Roster Spread Sheet

Use this Excel Spreadsheet to list your players for weigh-in time at the league jamboree.




Injury Report Form

Use this form to report an serious injury to the league President. A serious injury is defined as an injury that results in the injured player missing a game. Injury reports should be submitted within two days following the injury.



NVYFL Recruiting Policy

This is the official league policy regarding recruiting and player assignments to teams.


NVYFL Coaches Requirements

Below you will find the the mandatory coaching application form which must be completed and signed by all league coaches.

Coaches are required by the league to pass a Vermont records background check. It is free, however, it ONLY covers criminal convictions within the state of Vermont. A national record can be run through USA Football. The USA Football background check is $20 per coach for two years. The league commissioner is notified anything within that two years if the person is convicted of anything within the United States.

Pursuant to changes made to Title 20, Chapter 117, Section 2056(c) during the 2007 - 2008 legislative session, a person may obtain from the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) a criminal conviction record for any purpose provided the requestor has filed a user agreement with VCIC. This means that the conviction records on file at VCIC will be open and available to the public effective July 1, 2008. Please note that the procedures described herein apply only to Vermont criminal conviction searches and not to national record checks acquired from the FBI.

To perform the VCIC background check you must log in using the league administrative code for this process to be free. Please email Kerri at to get the login and password to this website

You must have the coach's full name, any alias and their date of birth.



NVYFL Flag Program

These are the 2016 rules of play for NVYFL Flag Football.