NV District 2: D-2 All Star Tournaments

District Tournament Brackets

District 2 All Star Tournament final results are available below. Congratulations to the following 2014 champions. Good luck to each team at State.
9-10 year olds - Silverado West Little League
11-12 year olds - Paseo Verde Little League
10-11 year olds - Paseo Verde Little League
Juniors - Henderson Little League

Dist All Stars 09-10Dist All Stars 09-10

Dist All Stars 10-11Dist All Stars 10-11

Dist All Stars 11-12Dist All Stars 11-12

Dist All Stars JuniorsDist All Stars Juniors

2014 State Tournament Brackets

District 1 is hosting State this year. Bracket updates and information will be posted as they become available.

NV All Stars 09-10NV All Stars 09-10

NV All Stars 10-11NV All Stars 10-11

NV All Stars 11-12NV All Stars 11-12

NV All Stars 50_70NV All Stars 50_70

NV All Stars JuniorsNV All Stars Juniors

Tournament Winners History

This file contains the Tournament Winners back to 2009 for All Stars and 2011 for TOC's.

NV2 Tourn Winner HistoryNV2 Tourn Winner History

District All-Star Certification Meeting

Certifications are held throughout the day. Times for each league are listed below. Please check the document below for reminders of things that you need at certification. A separate manager's meeting (managers required) will be held at the same location at 1pm to draw brackets, flip for home/visitor and review rules.

League Certification times:

08:00am   Legacy
08:30am   Paseo Verde
09:00am   Boulder City
09:30am   Virgin Valley & Moapa Valley
10:00am   Central
10:30am   Green Valley
11:00am   Henderson
11:30am   Silverado
Noon      Paradise Valley
12:30pm   Silverado West

D2 All Star Cert Mtg NotesD2 All Star Cert Mtg Notes

More Handouts: