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Welcome to the Nevada District 2 Web Site! (www.nvdist2.org)

Nevada District 2 Staff welcomes you to our website.  We hope that it helps you in locating any infomation you need for every season.


This site is monitored and updated regularly so keep checking for any updates. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to nvdist2@earthlink.net in order to contact the District.

If you need information from any of our leagues, other Nevada districts, the Western Region or Little League Baseball, the "Links" area to the left of this page takes you to each of these pages.

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Tuesday, January 20
Current News

Mark you calendars for Saturday. February 28.  District 2 invites anyone who would like to play poker to our Third Annual Poker Tournament at South Point Casino that evening.  This is our only fundraiser of the year so we need your support.  You don't have to be an expert poker player to play (none of us are).  We have a bunch of fun, drinks are free, raffle prizes are awarded all night and a few lucky players walk away with the prize money.  For more information, please see our information sheet in the handouts section.  Come have fun with the district and help us raise money.


Spring Season Just Around the Corner

Suddenly Spring is coming up.  It won't be long before major league baseball announces "Catchers and Pitchers report to camp" and Spring Training will be under way.  Little League sign-ups are in full swing with tryouts, pre-season practices and opening days coming right behind.  Now is the time to contact and register with your league for the upcoming season.  If you have any trouble finding or contacting the league you are in, please let us know.   


Forms Available - Updated for 2015

Some of LLB's common forms can be found in the links section of this website. Check there for forms such as the II(d), the IV(h), the current Volunteer Application, the School Application and others. If you have problems finding others on LLB's website, please let us know and we'll help you locate them.



League News

This area is available for local news and announcements from any of our local leagues.  If you have any information that needs to be placed in this area please let us know.  All league contact information is available in the "Leagues" area of this site and direct links are available in our "Links" section.  Please check with your league for more information or send us an email if you can not contact them. 


Paseo Verde utilizes on-line registration which is available via their website beginning 12/1/14.  Tryouts are scheduled for 1/24/15 and 1/31/15, both at Dos Escuelas Park and Opening day is slated for 3/6/15.  Additional information can be found at Paseo Verde's website (see our "links" section) 


Paradise Valley LL now includes the old Sunrise Mountain LL. The league can be contacted via email at paradisevalleybaseball@gmail.com or by phone at (702) 721-7855 (721-PVLL).   Additional information can be found at PVLL's website (see our "links" section). 

PVLL's remaining signups are scheduled for 1/24/14 (10a-2p) at Sunset Park, 1/29/14 (6-8p) at Aqua Perfect (3965 E.Patrick Lane), 1/31/14 (10a-2p) at Sunset Park, 2/4/14 (10a-2p) at Sunset Park and 2/18/14 (6-8p) at Farmer Boys (5955 S. Eastern).  Coaches will meet on 2/13/14 and Tryouts are scheduled for 2/21/14 (9a-Noon) at Sunset Park.  Opening day is scheduled for 3/21.


Central LL now includes the old Marty Barrett LL.  The league can be contacted via email at www.centrallittleleague.com or by phone at (702) 631-2255.  Additional information can be found at Central's website (see our "links" section). 

Central LL signups are located at the Bob Price Rec Center (2050 Bonnie Lane, LV, 89156).  Remaining signup dates are scheduled for Wed 1/21/15 (5p-8p) and Sat 1/24/15 (10a-2p).  

Central LL is also offering Softball starting Spring 2015 as well.


Silverado LL (and Silverado West) has signups scheduled for 1/21, 5:30-8p at Boys&Girls Club/S.Highlands, 1/24, 10a-2p at Silverado Ranch Park.  Tryouts begin 1/31 with Opening Day scheduled for 3/14.  Additional information can be found at Silverado's website (see our "links" section)


Additional information can be found at Henderson's website (see our "links" section) 


  GVLL is utilizing Online Registration from their website.  Additional details can be found there.  They also have walk-up registration dates scheduled for 1/24/15 (9:30a-12:30p) at Dick's Sporting Goods in Galleria Mall and 1/29/14 (5:30-8p) also at Dick's.  A coach's meeting is scheduled for 1/27/14.  Tryouts are scheduled for 1/31/14 and 2/7/14 both beginning at 9am at Arroyo Grande Park.  Practices should begin 2/17/14 with opening day slated for 3/14/15 at Arroyo Grande.  Additional information can be found at Green Valley's website (see our "links" section) 


  Please check with Legacy's website for more information (see our "links" section)


Additional information can be found at Moapa Valley's website (see our "links" section)


Please check with Boulder City LL's website for more information (see our "links" section)



Information and registration materials are available at the CLLSN (see our links area or http://www.challenger-little-league-of-southern-nevada.org/).  Mailing address is shown below.

Challenger Little League
C/O Nevada PEP
2101 S. Jones Blvd #120
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146


SMLL has been rolled back into Paradise Valley LL.  See the section for Paradise Valley LL above.  Additional information can be found at Paradise Valley's website (see our "links" section). 


Marty Barrett LL has been rolled into Central LL.  See the section for Central LL above.  Additional information can be found at Central's website (see our "links" section). 

What League Am I In?

Need help finding what league you're in?  Try clicking on the "What League Am I In?" header above or go the "League Finder" page in the main menu.  Enter your address to see which league's boundaries you are within.  Once entered, this tool will spot your location on a google map for you and show you the boundary of the league you are in.  If you have questions, we're glad to help as well. Email us with your closest cross streets and we will direct you to the correct league.

So Many Pins... So Little Time

As always, we have have pin bags available.  See any of the staff if you are in need of one.

2011 Westies Awards

Click to see this year's taping of the Westie Awards in San Bernardino

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Wed 2/11 Alert District Presidents Meeting 7:00 PM Findlay VW