NTYBA: Welcome

Welcome to the NTYBA!!


We hope this NTYBA experience is rewarding for you and your child. NTYBA is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization. NTYBA board members, commissioners, coaches, and assistant coaches are all volunteers committed to giving their best to insure that your NTYBA experience is positive. We hope this also encourages other parents to volunteer in helping with this experience as we grow.

If you are interested in giving your time to the greatest sport on earth, volunteer with the NTYBA team. 



NTYBA is a developmental basketball league designed to provide elementary aged students (2nd through 6th grades) a forum to participate in a competitive basketball program and enhance their skills prior to entering Middle School basketball for their respective communities. Our primary focus is to provide a developmental basketball league and skilled training that enhances basketball fundamentals and provides a safe and competitive environment to develop those skills in game situations.